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November 28 2016 to December 4 2016

Monday November 28

Mirthful Mayhem

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As the parent of a cheeky Sagittarian toddler, I spend much of my time running after him, as he engages in some sort of mischief or another. And I don't need to consult my astrology books to spot when he's devised a new plan. A delicious grin spreads across his face in anticipation of potential mayhem! This weekend, Mercury trined Uranus. It's the celestial equivalent of that wry smile on my little monster's face! Whatever you're up to now, spare a thought for those who have to tidy up!

Tuesday November 29

Neptunian Moon

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Today's New Moon carries a Neptunian influence, while Venus makes its last dynamic square with Uranus, before they renew their yearly dance. It suggests that now is a good time to question our values. The cosmos is encouraging us to make courageous changes and follow our hearts. The New Moon, in Sagittarius, adds its voice to that calling. It brings an opportunity to start afresh and begin working on something exciting and new. What's out of reach now? Look again and you might find it's moving closer.

Wednesday November 30

Building Bridges

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Today, we have what's known as a quintile; a relationship that's divined by splitting the zodiac into divisions of five. Although they're not considered 'major' aspects, my uncle and I found them incredibly useful tools. They often speak of problem-solving, and finding a balance between two opposing influences. Both acknowledge the issue at hand, and help to build the bridge that takes us beyond it. With Mercury and Neptune making a quintile today, it's time to take practical steps that will make fantasy a little less fanciful.

Thursday December 1

Think Different

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Planets moving into signs represent a boon for those born in that particular part of the zodiac. But it's not just the sign in question that benefits. And it doesn't necessarily follow that one sign's gain is another's misfortune. Sagittarians are not about to grow dimmer as Mercury, the planet most associated with light-bulb-appearing-over-head moments, begins to shine its light into Capricorn tomorrow. But they, like the rest of us, may be starting to think differently. We'll all begin to restructure our ideas now.

Friday December 2

One Goal

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Today, Mars trines Jupiter for the first time in nearly two years. It coincides with the annual sextile of Mars to Saturn, which is loosely linked to Jupiter. These influences together can be considered to form a powerful Minor Grand Trine. The 'truth is beauty' relationship between Mars and Jupiter, is underpinned by the determination and realism of Saturn. The cosmos urges us to channel this energy, and explore possible solutions to our problems. Focus now on pursuing one important goal.

Saturday December 3

Your Week Ahead

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As we move towards the annual Sun-Saturn conjunction, the movements of Mars are worth highlighting. The fiery planet of desire travels between the restrained, steady influence of Saturn, and the unexpected, unruly intentions of Uranus, highlighting their 'behind-the-scenes' relationship. With Mars in Aquarius, we've seen passions invested in causes, and partisan perspectives. This week, with Venus about to enter the same part of the zodiac, a sense of harmony may finally be restored.

Sunday December 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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