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February 1 2016 to February 7 2016

Monday February 1

Bowl of Cherries

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Dear Jonathan,
Regarding gratitude. I implore you, please stop telling people life is a gift and we should be grateful. I'm with the first person whose letter you shared: there is great sorrow in the world. I'm not going to judge how people should feel. Depression comes to a lot of people for different reasons: one reason can't trump others. Can we just understand life isn't a bowl of cherries for everyone? Kelly

Dear Kelly, I still say life is a gift. We aren't, though, obliged to feel grateful for it. I just think it helps if we try!

Tuesday February 2

Gender Issues

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Hi Jonathan,
How does astrology affect or influence the gender of a person? Are there influences at our birth that signal male or female dominance? Mark

Hi Mark, A full personal horoscope is a map of the sky at the exact moment a person draws their first independent breath upon arrival on this planet. It says plenty about the 'cosmic blessing of the moment' and the potential for self-expression this bestows. Gender is biological and, with a few controversial exceptions, is decided on by nature long before a person is born. DNA, similarly, predates the moment of birth.

Wednesday February 3

Beckon of the Decan

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Hi Jonathan,
Do you think it is relevant when astrologers deliver their forecasts targeting each decan of a sun sign? Jenny

Dear Jenny, A 'decan' is one third of a zodiac sign. The idea behind using decans is that the 360 degrees of the ecliptic can be divided into 36 units of ten. Some astrologers seem to feel that you can establish a clearer, more powerful reading by lumping people into groups of '33 per cent of a sign' rather than a whole sign. But, after much careful investigation, I have found absolutely nothing about this idea that resonates with me.

Thursday February 4

Ruling Sign

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Dear Jonathan,
I am an Aquarian. My ruling planet, Uranus, was in Cancer when I was born. In a recent experiment, you invited us to read our Moon signs, too. Should I, then, have read the forecasts for Cancer too? W
Dear W,
Uranus spends up to eight years in each sign. It is a 'generational' influence, not a personal one. So, no! The pitfall you outline here is another reason I have long advised against reading more than one forecast per day. That said, the experiment was encouraging in other ways. Oscar and I may repeat it soon.

Friday February 5

Dark of the Moon

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It won't be till Monday that the Moon and Sun will share the same degree of the zodiac, heralding the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey. Most of us, though, use the term New Moon to describe the first tiny toenail-shaped sliver of moonlight that we see once the Moon has separated further from the Sun. That won't be till later next week. Yet the further into this weekend we get, the more the Moon will rise and set so near the Sun, we'll have no chance of seeing it. That's the Dark Of The Moon. It's magical!

Saturday February 6

Your Week Ahead

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. This affects us all, regardless of what western zodiac sign we belong to. It means there is hope for success wherever there is constructive, intelligent enterprise. Even if we face unsatisfactory circumstances, we can turn these around with hard work and positive thought. It means that, even if we hear disturbing or disappointing stories in the news, we can still trust that most humans on this Earth are kind, fair people who only want a better, brighter future. Ultimately, sincerity and generosity will always prevail over sullen stupidity or sharp selfishness.

Sunday February 7

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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