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December 12 2016 to December 18 2016

Monday December 12

Breaking Free

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Today, the Sun forms a 'trine' with Uranus. Last week, we talked about the encouraging angle which astrologers call a 'sextile'. The trine is the sextile's big brother. Like its sibling, it has a supportive, nurturing influence... but it's considered to be more powerful, despite its 'hands off' approach. A trine presents a reassuring presence, providing a natural strength that doesn't need to prove itself. And it's reliably available to assist when needed. Today offers the gift of freedom and escape from drudgery. But only if that's what you truly desire.

Tuesday December 13

Emotional Support

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The last Supermoon of 2016 is approaching. Although not as close to Earth as November's 'super Supermoon', it's still an important astrological event. This one forms what's known by astrologers as a Kite. This means that it incorporates the supportive energy of a Grand Trine (a series of trines between Jupiter, Mars and the Moon), whilst focusing on Saturn and the Sun, just as the Moon becomes full. If there's an emotional need you wish to explore, the cosmos is keen to support you.

Wednesday December 14

Mending Moon

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Tonight's Supermoon is the last Full Moon of the year. As it arrives, it brings a grand opportunity to complete something that you've been meaning to do for a while. Yesterday, I explained that it forms an astrological 'kite' with Jupiter and Mars. It's also worth noting that it forms an alignment with Chiron - a source of healing in the zodiac, and Venus - the planet of love. So the final Supermoon of 2016 brings a moment when hearts can mend. Plus a chance to let go of a troubling issue that's been a thorn in your side.

Thursday December 15

Helping Hand

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Dear Oscar,
I just wanted to tell you how a recent reading of yours helped me. I was caught in the middle of a difficult situation which was making me feel very 'down'. The forecast talked about 'not heaping it all upon myself', or worrying about apologising for something I hadn't done. Instead, it encouraged me to forge ahead. This gave me the confidence I needed. I even read it the next day to remind myself! Sharon

Dear Sharon, You're welcome! We all need a friendly helping hand now and then! Oscar

Friday December 16

Seeing A New Way

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I spoke recently about my appreciation for the astrological alignment called a 'quintile'. We currently find ourselves between two of these productive, creative angles, with Venus linking to Uranus yesterday, and the Sun doing so with Neptune this weekend. These suggest that our dreams of a better future aren't as far-fetched as they might seem... and that there's a practical way of making more sense of this crazy world of ours. A change in our hearts can bring a new way of seeing the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Saturday December 17

Your Week Ahead

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Several significant planetary movements help explain the challenges and pressures many of us are experiencing. This week, Mars, the power planet, arrives in Pisces for the first time in nearly two years, and the Sun moves into Capricorn. In fact, with Mercury turning retrograde there and Pluto, a focal point of the coming game-changing Jupiter-Uranus opposition, residing in this part of the zodiac, the Solstice could well be a turning point for more than just the earth's axis. It may herald the start of a dramatic metamorphosis in all our lives.

Sunday December 18

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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