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February 8 2016 to February 14 2016

Monday February 8

Monkey Business

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Readers of a certain age may recall a TV series from the Seventies called Monkey. The strangely dubbed adventures of the hero and his companions, Sandy and Pigsy, became a cult classic. There's ambiguity about whether this mythological monkey is the one depicted in the legend surrounding the Chinese New Year of The Fire Monkey that begins with today's New Moon. But in so far as that show was (vaguely) about immortals learning to behave better, we can at least hope it suggests we 'spirit guardians of planet Earth who have taken human form' may soon remember our responsibilities!

Tuesday February 9

Match Points

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Dear Jonathan,
In my limited experience, children's charts always contain a mixture of the sun, rising or moon signs in their parents' charts, often in swapped positions. If this is consistent for every child, wouldn't astrology be better than DNA testing? Yeshe

Dear Yeshe, It isn't consistent.

Dear Jonathan,
Astrological Synastry techniques show us good and challenging aspects of our relationships. Can we work backwards and find out the date, time and place of a perfect match? It would make the dating game a whole lot easier! Ruthie

Dear Ruthie, The concept of a 'perfect match' is an imperfect idea!

Wednesday February 10

Gender Agenda

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Dear Jonathan,
I beg to differ to your recent reply to a reader?s question. Sex may be biological and decided on by nature but Gender is a social construct and highly personal and is one's own understanding of self. I suspect the writer was asking about gender identity as it relates to one's birth chart. Gina

Dear Jonathan,
I would like to respectfully suggest you reconsider your recent remarks. Biological sex, is indeed determined through biology, however, gender is a construct, and there are many wonderful people who feel their biological sex and their gender are not aligned. Ruth.

Thursday February 11

Not Seeing is Believing

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Hi Jonathan,
If the sky and the stars are obscured by clouds, does that affect a horoscope? Suzie

Hi Suzie, Astrologers are forever having to chart the positions of things they cannot see. If, for example, we need to look at what's happening in the sky during the hours of daylight, all that's going to be visible will be the Sun and maybe, more faintly, if it happens to be up, the Moon! Everything else is there but the sunlight is so bright it drowns it all out. So we work with what we happen to know is up there!

Friday February 12

Guess What?

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Dear Jonathan,
I've read an interview where you said you believe we are born psychic but we we get discouraged from being so. Is this true, and if so, how do you think it happens? Ross

Dear Ross, I did indeed say this. I still feel the same way. Our natural telepathic and clairvoyant gifts get 'suppressed' by an educational system that focuses too intently on facts and figures, plus a social climate in which many feel too embarrassed to tell each other that they inwardly saw something coming... so they put their own natural gifts down to 'coincidence'.

Saturday February 13

Your Week Ahead

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I say this every year and I'm sure that nobody takes any notice but I must say it again. Valentine's Day is not a feature of the cosmic calendar. The sky has no idea that, in honour of some ancient saint, we all now expect to get excitement from our love lives. This doesn't mean that the heavens will be unco-operative but we may as well understand they are ambivalent. Much thus depends on our own effort. The planets, though, do promise to be helpful in less direct ways. We may yet be able to benefit from their configurations.

Sunday February 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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