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February 15 2016 to February 21 2016

Monday February 15

Human Nature

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Dear Jonathan,
I notice that some of your readers' comments recently have been concerned with gender and/or sex. My heart goes out to anyone struggling with those issues but surely they are not astrologically determined ? The great He/She label is very much a cultural and social idea which we get from writings. These, by their very nature, are recordings made by humans. As far as I am concerned, a person born at the exact second of any time of any date is only human, with distinctions involving male, female or anything in-between being utterly irrelevant. Joyce

Tuesday February 16

Both Sides Now

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Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for answering my question about whether an alignment can still have an influence if we can't see it for clouds. I imagined that clouds might provide some kind of shield to protect us against life's sharp edges. I guess that cloud, being just vapour after all, is no match for the strength of gravitational pull from an enormous heavenly body. Now I've got some more questions... Suzie

Hi Suzie, Astrologers have long since stopped suggesting that gravity explains astrology. We've accepted that only the Sun and the Moon have a significant gravitational effect on Earth. Although now Gravitational waves have been detected, some may think again! I'll (try to) answer your other questions tomorrow.

Wednesday February 17

All I Have To Do Is Dream

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Hi Jonathan,
Do you know what Neil Armstrong's daily forecast was when he walked on the Moon? When Apollo 13 set off, was it during a Mercury retrograde phase? Where do you stand on dream interpretation? Are our dreams influenced by astrological events? Suzie

Dear Suzie, I know I look old but I wasn't writing forecasts back in July 1969! I can tell you, though, that Mercury was NOT retrograde when the ill-fated Apollo 13 launched. I'm sure dreams, like all our experiences, are influenced by the planets to some extent but that's not my area of expertise!

Thursday February 18

Conception Concept

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Dear Jonathan,
Many years ago in book called Supernature, Lyall Watson proposed that the biological sex of a child is influenced by the position of the Moon at the time of conception. What are your thoughts? Michael

Dear Michael, Lyall Watson was a fine writer who opened many people's eyes to a world of possibility. Sadly, he may have also, since, unwittingly closed some minds. Though he was a highly qualified scientist, many sceptics these days vociferously question his findings. As for 'conception,' I repeat what I always say. Nobody can ever say precisely when and where this happened!

Friday February 19

Gravity or the Situation

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Since Suzie asked if clouds could shield us from gravity, I've been considering the gulf between creatives, healers, artists, intuitives... and scientists! Astrologers, these days, belong in the former category but, back when science was in its infancy, to be an astronomer was to be an astrologer. There was no distinction. That's why modern, evidence-based astronomers resent the idea that their predecessors were silly enough to 'read meaning' into the sky. It's also why previous astrologers felt 'entitled' to cite 'gravity' as a reason for planetary influence. The ability to detect gravitational waves may yet change everything again.

Saturday February 20

Your Week Ahead

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This week, we'll see the Full Moon and Jupiter surprisingly close in the night sky. There is deep, significant symbolism here. It speaks of an opportunity for millions around the world, regardless of their zodiac sign, to be generous, even lavish. They'll feel ready to express hope in the gestures they make and the way they express their commitment to high and noble ideals. If you believe that the world can be made a better, fairer, more compassionate place, here comes a chance to campaign for changes long overdue, and against injustices that have been accepted, without question, for too long.

Sunday February 21

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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