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February 29 2016 to March 6 2016

Monday February 29

Vote Note

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Last week, I explained that I wasn't going to predict the outcome of the US election because I didn't trust myself to be objective. I am probably better qualified to foresee the outcome of the British European referendum because I feel so disinterested in it! But whatever I say, I will impress nobody, even if I am right. I will simply upset anyone who wants the 'other outcome' and feels passionately about the matter. Actually, I suspect the end result will be determined by the number of people who don't care enough, even to vote. As I'll explain tomorrow.

Tuesday March 1

In or Out?

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By June 23, when Britain holds a referendum about its future in Europe, the Solstice will be over. The Sun and Venus will be in Cancer which, as the traditional sign of home and hearth, could be interpreted in two ways. It might mean the British will be feeling exceptionally insular. Or it could imply that they'll be feeling well disposed towards their continental cousins. Mercury, planet of commerce and communication, will be in Gemini, forming a tense alignment to Pluto. An Aquarian Moon seems to suggest a low turnout. This, many experts think, may favour the 'outs'!

Wednesday March 2

Heebee GB

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Yesterday, I described the astrological conditions we can expect on June 23, when Britain holds a referendum about membership of the European Union. Judging such a horoscope isn't easy but at least history provides a reference point. A similar vote was held on June 5, 1975, when the Moon was in emphatic Aries (as against idealistic Aquarius which it will be next time.) Venus was in Cancer (it will be there this time too) as was Saturn (it's in Sagittarius now). The Sun was in Gemini and Mars was in Aries. Tomorrow I'll tell you what this tells me.

Thursday March 3

Rule Britannia?

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All week, on this page, I've been about as interesting as an instruction manual for fitting widgets to flanges in the original Swedish. I've been discussing the outlook for June 23 when the people of an island off the coast of France decide whether a sea that's small enough to swim across justifies a declaration of independence. I've been looking at the horoscope of the last time they voted in 1975. Then, they decided to stay. By the looks of it, the people who chose the date for that referendum took some astrological advice! This time, clearly, they haven't!

Friday March 4

30 Years of Forecasts!

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Astrologers, no matter how good they may be, can't tell their own fortunes or see their own futures. So, when I tell you my first ever column of daily zodiac forecasts appeared on this day in 1986, you can be assured I had no idea that I'd still be writing them 30 years later. Nor did I know that the paper which had hired me would stop printing in the Nineties. Or that its demise would not mean mine! All I know is how I've enjoyed every moment. As for the future? I refer you to my opening remarks!

Saturday March 5

Your Week Ahead

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You need not witness a celestial phenomenon to be influenced by it. You don't even need to know it is happening. You will feel it anyway. But astrologers need to know! Some folk won't see this week's Solar Eclipse because they are in the wrong part of the world. Others will be in the right place but will have no special viewing glasses. Yet all of us, no matter what sign we are, will have a moment soon when it seems as if something special may be ending too soon, followed by a joyous experience of rebirth and rediscovery.

Sunday March 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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