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March 6 2017 to March 12 2017

Monday March 6

Drink to the Link

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Sunday was National Absinthe Day in the United States. Of course, Astrology isn't a drug. It doesn't do hangovers, and nobody ever stages an intervention over a conjunction. We will, though, continue to feel the effects of Jupiter, returning to exactly oppose Uranus last week, for some time. And, with Venus joining the planet of good fortune, in retrograde motion, and Mercury conjunct Neptune last weekend, we'd be forgiven for being bleary eyed! Luckily Mars' harmonious link to Saturn gives us the energy to work through whatever life throws at us now.

Tuesday March 7

Elementary My Dear Mercury

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The Sun conjuncts Mercury today. This isn't an exceptionally unusual alignment: Mercury hangs about around the Sun like Baldrick and Blackadder, Robin and Batman, or Watson and Sherlock. Whilst definitely not the 'star' of the show, it's Mercury's little interjections, witticisms and ideas that keep the story ticking over. Perhaps it's time for a 'cunning plan'? Maybe there's a conundrum that suddenly seems elementary? Let this moment be the 'bat signal' you've been waiting for. Whatever your conclusions, consider letting them see the light of day.

Wednesday March 8

International Women

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It's International Women's Day and, appropriately, Mercury and the Sun both make angles to Pluto just after their conjunction. So often in life, it's strong, powerful women working in the shadows who are the driving force of our greatest, most fundamental changes. Sadly, they often don't get the credit they deserve. So, as Pluto, representing hidden power, links to the bold interaction of the Sun and Mercury, now's the time to shine a light on the achievements of women in the world. They deserve to be celebrated far more than they are.

Thursday March 9

Hope Springs

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Hi Oscar,
I really appreciate your astrological advice. I read the news, which is so often depressing, and then walk through my day feeling fearful. I find that my horoscope has the power to offer hope whenever I've sunk to a new low, or messed something up. Gwen

Hi Gwen, The recent Sun-Mercury conjunction was coloured by Pluto. Though Pluto's presence may be intimidating, its positive links to the coming Full Moon endow us with powerful opportunities. There's always an astrological reason to be hopeful!

Friday March 10

Dream On

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Today, Mars enters Taurus. If Mars in Aries is a fiery combination, this turns it from a wildfire, into a campfire. The flame still roars, but it's contained enough to provide comforting, rather than scorching heat. And, with the Full Moon, in Virgo this weekend, forming an astrological T-square with Saturn, it's time to appreciate stability. An even keel doesn't limit our ability to dream, it reveals the methods by which to turn our dreams into reality.

Saturday March 11

Your Week Ahead

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This weekend, the Moon is full in Virgo, forming a brief T-square with Saturn. For the doom and gloom brigade who want to avoid Saturn the way Dracula avoids garlic farms - have no fear! Saturn brings something to celebrate. After all, it's the planet that represents tradition. And this week, we have three wonderful traditional festivals: Hinduism's Holi, Judaism's Purim, and Ireland's St Patrick's Day. All three celebrate victory and survival - and encourage us to let loose and enjoy ourselves. What more excuse do you need this week?

Sunday March 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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