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March 27 2017 to April 2 2017

Monday March 27

We Shall Overcome

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The weekend's Mercury-Uranus conjunction brought the potential for transformation. A call for change is being made, and the beat of a drum, calling for a march for progress can be heard. With the Sun and Venus still in close proximity, core values and courageous hearts have rarely been more vital. There's much to think about, to plan and to communicate. Today, with Mars and Neptune's alignment, we could find that our resolve is tested. Yet Neptune suggests that it's not the time to give up on a dream.

Tuesday March 28

New Moon

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The New Moon, in Aries, is conjunct retrograde Venus. This suggests a new start for a relationship that seems to have been going backwards. It represents clarity, in an area of life that has, for too long, been convoluted and confused. And it's a time when we can start to project our deepest desires on to the path we're mapping out for the future. Today, a match is struck and a fire is lit. How long it burns and how bright it shines is up to us. But any darkness can begin to recede.

Wednesday March 29

Coming Together

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Some of our most important conversations are difficult. Often the best deals require tricky negotiation. And every bright idea we come up with takes work, and commitment, to see it through. Today, Mercury makes a harmonious aspect with Saturn, and endures a brief tension with Neptune. This suggests that whilst reality may never live up to some of our wildest fantasies, a plan can really start to come together. Don't instantly dismiss a difficult idea as being out of the question now - or in the future.

Thursday March 30

Strength and Wisdom

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Retrograde Jupiter is making its penultimate 'square' with Pluto now. After August, it doesn't make this rare alignment again until 2023. It represents ambition, exploring transformation, searching for freedom and regaining control. Yet, with Jupiter retrograde, we run the risk of exaggerating our own importance, and ruffling the wrong feathers. So let's not forget that we're on a deeply significant adventure. And, that whatever dark corners this journey takes us to, we'll not only survive, but grow stronger and wiser too.

Friday March 31

Seeking Harmony

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The way we interact and communicate is changing. Mercury swaps signs today, and moves into Taurus. This represents a time when we can begin to focus on what we have, and the practical ways that we might get what we want. We may also experience a stubborn streak should our needs not be met! Yet, this doesn't mean that any negotiations are doomed to remain at an impasse. Venus also has her say. She's providing unexpected and hidden ways to find harmony amidst any battles for control.

Saturday April 1

Your April Monthly Forecast

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April contains many dramatic astrological developments. Mercury, Saturn and Pluto all turn retrograde, Mars changes signs, as does Venus, twice, dipping back in and out of Pisces to end its own retrogradation. But most exciting is the Libran Full Moon aligning with the great opposition continuing to shape our destiny in 2017. The Moon lines up with Jupiter opposite the Sun conjunct Uranus in late Aries. This reinvigorates the T-square with Pluto that holds such transformational power. It can bring a realisation that's key to making our desires a reality.

Sunday April 2

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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