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April 10 2017 to April 16 2017

Monday April 10

Rock 'N Roll

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With Venus, Jupiter and Saturn moving backwards, there's retrograde activity all around us. And, now Mercury is joining the club. If they were a gang, they'd be driving pink Cadillacs and sporting 1950s hairstyles! These planets are focusing on the past, and channeling their power inwards. With the Sun having just linked to Pluto, it reminds us of the inner strength which we frequently overlook. Don't doubt yourself today. No matter your situation, you're ready to rock and roll.

Tuesday April 11

Tee's Ready!

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This Full Moon represents the peak of the astrological T-square which has dominated the skies since the turn of the year. It's undergoing the effect of the last of the heavenly bodies to trigger its energy. Since this is the Sun, the core of our system, opposing the Moon, our closest guiding light, the configuration will go out with a bang! The Full Moon arrives to serious celestial fireworks. There's no need to shy away, like a nervous pet, though. Look up, and celebrate the transformation of blackest night into glorious Technicolor.

Wednesday April 12


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A Full Moon conjuncting Jupiter, even without Jupiter retrograde, triggers a period of soul-searching. The planet of luck's natural inclination to quest, combines with the Moon's emotional, internal focus. Add Pluto's themes of secrecy and power into the mix, and we have the potential to experience a journey into a strange and wonderful hinterland. We're being presented with a choice too. The journey can be an adventure or an ordeal. If we can only recognise our ability to seize them, positive opportunities abound.

Thursday April 13


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Tomorrow, following the Full Moon's illumination along the axis of the Jupiter and Uranus opposition, the Sun exactly conjuncts Uranus. If the Full Moon represents a moment of realisation, this aspect encourages us to make the changes it inspired. Where can something no longer proceed? Which deep desires and wild fantasies seemed too unrealistic to manifest? Mars's link with Neptune tomorrow hints at creative and practical ways to find solutions. And the Sun's influence suggests that a dramatic change is inevitable.

Friday April 14


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Venus, the planet of love, kindness and harmony, is almost stationary in the sky. You might think that a heavenly body, showing no outward signs of motion, might have less energy with which to infuse us. But a stationary planet is a powerful thing. Especially when it's about to turn direct. Venus's retrograde period has been akin to a slingshot, loaded with sweetness, pleasure and affection, being slowly pulled further and further back. Now the celestial hand is about to release the tension. Its aim will prove true.

Saturday April 15

Your Week Ahead

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This week is about 'comings' and 'goings'. Venus turns direct, but Pluto joins Mercury in retrograde. The Sun leaves Aries, and Mars enters Gemini. It's part of the wonderful merry-go-round of life, as directed by the cosmos. With the planet of communication retrograde, while the planet of love moves forward again, this is a week to trust our hearts as much as, if not more than our heads. And the Sun's new position encourages us to revel in the pleasures of the ride.

Sunday April 16

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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