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May 8 2017 to May 14 2017

Monday May 8

Truman Day

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Was that a camera in the bushes? Are those people really just walking past or are they actors? Are you free to do as you will, or are you living in an artificial world, constantly monitored and subtly controlled? I am, of course, describing the premise behind The Truman Show. And given that today is Truman Day (or, at least it is in the great state of Missouri) it's appropriate that many of us feel the need to escape. Mars linked with Uranus last weekend, and Mercury does so this week. It's time to do things differently.

Tuesday May 9


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Mercury recently changed direction in the sky. As such, it appears to hang in the heavens, shimmering and stationary. This is a powerful moment in any planet's cycle. But it's even more significant if it holds its position while making an aspect to one of the other astrological masters. Mercury's turning point is in the same part of the sky that Uranus occupies, and their conjunction becomes exact tomorrow at the Full Moon. This makes any change that we make now even more fulfilling.

Wednesday May 10

Flower Moon

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This Full Moon is sometimes known as the Flower Moon. There are no prizes for guessing why - in the Northern Hemisphere this is a time associated with spring blooms and the celebration of new life. But what about in the Southern Hemisphere? Is a different name needed for this lunar event? Perhaps. But not this year. The Sun-Moon axis is making supportive links to Pluto. So, no matter where you are, this is a powerful time for regeneration. Whatever you're doing can begin to blossom.

Thursday May 11

Dream Chasing

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Mars is making his presence felt in combination with some of the solar system's giants. Today he makes an intense aspect to Neptune, while tomorrow he forms a harmonious link with Jupiter. Whilst Mars is about fiery heat, Neptune's energy resembles impressionistic water. Like a hot iron plunged into a cool pool, together they can make for passionate, steamy encounters. But, most of all, they encourage us to chase dreams and show strength in the pursuit of happiness. Contentment isn't as elusive as we fear.

Friday May 12

Perseverance Lesson

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Yesterday we talked about Mars' link with Neptune. Today we'll consider its bond with Jupiter. But first I want to talk again about Uranus' influence. On Monday, I suggested that it was bringing a time to do things differently. Perhaps the change it heralds hasn't yet borne the fruit that you'd hoped to harvest? Stick with it. Mercury's trine with Saturn today suggests that perseverance will be required. And as Mars links to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and hope, your courage will be well rewarded.

Saturday May 13

Your Week Ahead

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Just like the Back To The Future movies, good things come in threes. And focusing back on our futures, there are three events this week that will put juice into our DeLorians, and flux in our capacitors. Mercury re-enters Taurus, grounding us with earthy sensibility; Venus explores new territory as her influence grows in opposition to Jupiter; and Saturn and Uranus' harmonious link suggests that any bold new endeavours aren't the flash in the pan that we may fear. Memorable adventures are more than likely!

Sunday May 14

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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