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May 22 2017 to May 28 2017

Monday May 22

Pause for Thought

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Over the weekend, the Sun moved into Gemini, and Mercury left its shadow to make a tense link to the energetic Mars. With Gemini being one of the more 'active' signs of the zodiac, might we all be in for a flurry of activity and business? Well, perhaps, but rather ironically the weekend's events precede a few days of relative calm in the heavens. Although the Moon is about to become dark, and plenty of long-term astrological factors remain present, now is an opportunity to pause for thought.

Tuesday May 23


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My thoughts are with the families of the victims of the explosion in Manchester. Events like this make us feel powerless. They are hard to understand. But surely we must all try to make the world more of an understanding place? As I have written before, astrology cannot be used to predict such terrible events. But if it offers anything at all today, it encourages us to listen to one another with open minds and generosity of spirit - and not to give in to the darkest thoughts that haunt our souls.

Asleep on the Job

Hi Oscar,
I'm a private hire driver. Sometimes I get frustrated waiting for work when it's quiet. But a strange solution has appeared. I relax and fall asleep for perhaps 20 minutes. I wake up and within five minutes I get a better than expected job. By relaxing, am I drawing in better fortune? David (Pisces)

Hi David, A great Piscean strength is your ability to connect to the world through your subconscious. What you're doing sounds less like sleep and more like meditation. And that's something that benefits one and all.

Wednesday May 24

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Hi Oscar,
What are your views on mental health within the context of astrology? Are some signs more prone to particular mental health problems? Yours Windy

Hi Windy, No sign is more or less susceptible to mental health issues than another. We're all vulnerable beings and yet capable of great strength in our own ways. Though our spiritual, mental and emotional paths are unique, none of us is incapable of leaving the shadows and walking in the light.

Thursday May 25

Platonic Pluto

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Is love in the air, or is the affection I sense merely platonic? Actually, I seem to have mixed up my vowels! It's a Plutonic influence that grows today, as Venus makes an energetic square with our dark and distant neighbour, whilst he forms a tense angle to the New Moon. This suggests a transformation, and a new level of intensity involving our more complex relationships. Today, we mustn't stifle or control our hearts.

Friday May 26

The Beat Goes On

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Amidst the deep and powerful shifts created by Pluto, Mercury Is making its presence felt. If current astrological aspects were a drum kit, Pluto would be the deep thumping bass drum and the controlling, urgent snare. Mercury provides the hit of the hi-hat, the interest of the ride, and the expressive splash of the cymbals. Don't let the subtle artistry of its input pass you by today. The rhythm may be what drives you to dance, but it's the syncopation that makes it fun.

Saturday May 27

Your Week Ahead

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This week, as Mars opposes Saturn, imagine a situation akin to a hound, with the scent of a rabbit, straining against a leash. It wriggles, and changes direction, as the red planet is encouraged by changeable Uranus. Although this may feel challenging, it isn't a harness that we need to fight or shrug off. Saturn and Pluto's controlling influences merge with the understanding which is offered by Mercury. And, Venus brings harmony too. In the end, we'll be glad of the planets' guiding hands.

Sunday May 28

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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