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May 29 2017 to June 4 2017

Monday May 29

Tomorrow Never Knows

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The astrological activity reminds me of the Beatles' song Tomorrow Never Knows. Though that's probably not a very fitting title for an astrologer to use, there's a method to my madness! The constrained chaos of the music seems fitting. Its relentless, marching drumbeat keeps order amidst flurries of musical activity. And it's filled with strange sounds, made using unconventional and - for their time, advanced techniques. Mars's movements can help to make your own moments just as seminal.

Tuesday May 30

Open Door Policy

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If Saturn represents the ordered, foundational drumbeat of the Beatles' song Tomorrow Never Knows, tomorrow's Mars-Uranus alignment evokes the revolution that justified their album being called Revolver. It's the forward-looking studio techniques and strange hybrid sounds that make that record an inspiration for modern electronic music. Mars' energy and drive brings an urge to try a door long thought closed. It's not locked, just a little stiff at the hinges. There's no need for a battering ram, but a little push can't hurt.

Wednesday May 31

Between the Lines

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Amidst all the exciting Mars energy, some supportive, more subtle aspects are taking place too. Today, articulate and considerate Mercury makes a harmonious 'trine' angle with the deeply, intense and insightful Pluto. It suggests that, with a little effort, hidden messages can be gleaned and we should read between the lines when assessing information coming our way. There's no reason to fear what might be discovered. There's more than a chance that we'll really appreciate what we find.

Thursday June 1

Bowled Over

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This week, we've seen Mars link with both Saturn and Uranus. Now Venus takes her turn, making a supportive aspect with Saturn ahead of her conjunction with Uranus this weekend. And with Mars also entering Cancer, things are about to get emotional. We may experience a flurry of new and exciting feelings. Luckily, Saturn's stabilising influence helps keep us on an even keel. Yet, with the weekend's Sun aspects influencing us as well, now's the time to be bold with our hearts, not bowled over!

Friday June 2

Core Values

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Amidst Mars changing signs, and Venus converging with Uranus, the Sun also has its say this weekend. In making a supportive aspect with wise Jupiter, just as it challenges the intuitive Neptune, it encourages us to learn from what we feel, and to recognise our core emotional truths as both important and validating. There may be changes and challenges ahead, but with the right balance of energy and empathy, there's almost no limit to the positive potential available - as long as we learn to trust our senses.

Saturday June 3

Your June Monthly Forecast

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With the Solstice, and increased Lunar powers, June is an exciting month for astrologers. But it's the end of this particular June that has caught this astrologer's eye. The Mercury-Mars conjunction links to Jupiter and Neptune and opposes Pluto. It speaks of powerful ideas leading to dramatic action... of our minds being free to help us embark on an inspiring journey. This would be compelling at any time but, in a Solstice month, possibilities begin to look more like certainties.

Sunday June 4

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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