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June 26 2017 to July 2 2017

Monday June 26

It's Very Nice To Go Traveling

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I'm writing this from a little family getaway on the west coast of Ireland. And while the weather could be better, the wonderful welcome I've received, plus the spectacular countryside, have reminded me of how much I love travelling, and how valuable it is to get away. But the weekend's astrological events may have made more than just my own feet itch. Passionate Mars squared off with adventurous Jupiter, suggesting that we'd all benefit from broadening our horizons.

Tuesday June 27

Truth Will Out

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Yesterday, I talked about the Mars-Jupiter connection over the weekend. Today, I'd like to concentrate on the relationship the red planet forms with Neptune. It's a passionate affair - whenever the heat of Mars combines with the dreaminess of Neptune, things get steamy. The aspect suggests increased levels of emotional sensitivity, and allows us to naturally 'turn on the charm'. But, despite its strong romantic side, this isn't good news for those with wandering hearts. It brings a time when truths can no longer be obscured.

Wednesday June 28

Call Off the Search

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Yesterday, the winged messenger Mercury linked with Jupiter. Today, he converges with fiery Mars as they both link harmoniously with dreamy Neptune. I've spoken about this cosmic effect - that the truth is running out of hiding places. Today, if we feel that there's a ploy to obfuscate or distract, we'll lose patience with vagueness. It's not that we can't see the point of exploring alternatives, or dreaming up far-fetched ideas. It's just that once we find what we're looking for, we won't want to waste any more time searching.

Thursday June 29

Sun-Signs and Rising-Signs

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Not long ago I answered a question from Adam about rising signs (the sign on the eastern horizon at your birth). But I didn't address his other query: 'I've read that the balance between the influence of your rising sign versus your Sun-sign becomes more noticeable with age. Is this correct?'
Hi again, Adam, I don't think the power of our rising signs increases with age, but our awareness of them does. And with this comes the wisdom to take full advantage of the strengths they represent. Oscar

Friday June 30

Perfect Power Play

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Today, Mercury opposes Pluto, with Mars following suit over the weekend. That's controversial. It's not about just saying the unsaid, it's about doing the undone. These planetary relationships speak about controlling not only how we express ourselves, but the way we react to situations. So, before making any important moves, it's worth carefully assessing the available options. The cosmos is providing the insight to plan a power-play, and the guidance to execute it to perfection.

Saturday July 1

Your July Monthly Forecast

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July sees the planets taking turns to form a new T-square opposite Pluto, and involving Jupiter. This time, it's the Jupiterian influence of open, high minded exploration that becomes the focus of Mars and the Sun's energy Yet there's an eager playfulness about the planetary energies that fill the sky this month. Like a child released from their studies into the afternoon sunshine, the enthusiasm available is infectious. This is one condition which you'll be in no hurry to find a cure for.

Sunday July 2

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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