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July 3 2017 to July 9 2017

Monday July 3


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Over the weekend, Mars opposed powerful Pluto to form an astrological T-square with Jupiter, the planet of adventure. That's the astrological equivalent of parachuting over enemy lines to lead a daring SAS-style mission of sabotage. Yet, we don't need to be quite so destructive under this celestial boon. No matter how justified we feel, it would be wise to consider the ramifications before taking action. But, if we act judiciously, the opportunities for growth are more than tangible.

Tuesday July 4

Poets Corner

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Tomorrow, Venus moves into Gemini. It's the moment for you to unleash your inner Gibran, Homer or Tennyson. No pressure! You don't, though, need to create words that will echo through the ages. The new position of Venus can help us all to sugar a pill and sweeten our nothings. Whether you want to create haikus or not, you'll be better able to paint pretty pictures in other minds. Our ability to articulate our values and relate to one another is growing.

Wednesday July 5

Bad Dreams Over

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Today, Jupiter makes a minor aspect with Neptune. To the untrained eye that may not seem like an exciting event, but these two planets move very slowly. It's actually the final flurry of an influence which will be unrepeated for ten years. And it brings the end of an issue that we've been struggling with since May. A dream we once yearned to explore has resulted in some nightmarish experiences. But they haven't been for nothing. Having learned much, transcending this episode is becoming possible.

Thursday July 6

The Winged Jester

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Yesterday, Mercury made a dynamic square with Uranus, underlining the awakening we talked about. It suggests that we're more than ready to make a breakthrough and change our mindset. As the winged messenger flaps his sandals into Leo today, our attitude becomes more creative, expressive and even fun-loving! No matter how difficult the situation we face, a little levity could be the difference between a gloomy outlook and seeing the light on the horizon.

Friday July 7

By the Light of the Silvery Moon

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This weekend, the Moon grows Full. As it does, its silvery beams radiate from the same position as an altogether darker energy. But the Moon's conjunction with Pluto is nothing to be scared of. Although we may fear the dark, this alignment wills us no harm. It brings a mystery to be solved and a power that will be of benefit. With the Full Moon forming a T-square with Jupiter, it's also symbolic of a hidden opportunity. Here comes the realisation of how to take control of our own stories.

Saturday July 8

Your Week Ahead

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Years ago, I visited a national park in the Everglades of Florida. The ranger told us that although the difference in altitude is only a few feet either side, we were standing in one of the world's largest valleys. This week's astrological factors, with the weekend's powerful Full Moon T-Square, a lull in the middle, and a flurry of activity towards the end, create a similar set up. But, there's no need to fear 'gators in the water'! Think of the week as being shaped like a smile.

Sunday July 9

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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