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July 17 2017 to July 23 2017

Monday July 17

Motherly Love

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It's my Mum's birthday today. I'll probably end up using my 'sons-talking-to-mums' voice on the phone when I call her. Have you ever heard it? If you listen carefully to people who've known each other all their lives, you'll pick up on a unique mixture of love, underscored by exasperation. Venus is the focus of the frenetic Mars-Uranus energy that we're experiencing. Yet the Planet of Love's link to Neptune suggests that, no matter how exasperated we feel, we can be sensitive.

Tuesday July 18

Mother's Revenge

More Sally Fisher Art here.

Yesterday, I mentioned that it was my Mother's birthday. But I neglected to say that, being a family-run astrological service, it's my mum who creates the accompanying illustrations that appear on this page. I wonder what cartoon she'll create when she's the focus of its content? Will she take revenge for my gentle teasing of our relationship? I hope not! As Venus makes a harmonious relationship with Jupiter, it's time for hearts to open and flourish.

Wednesday July 19

Spinach Doctor

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Today, Mercury forms a wonderful Grand Trine that affects us throughout the week. The planet of communication is in tune with Saturn, while its aspect to Uranus peaks on Monday. A Grand Trine is the astrological equivalent of Popeye's spinach - it's a source of strength, and it can galvanise us into action. Its arrival suggests it is time to consolidate our plans. They're about to be activated in ways we can't even imagine.

Thursday July 20

Busy Doing Nothing

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Sticking with a plan doesn't mean that nothing's going to happen. After all, what are they for if not to effect some sort of change? No one plots and schemes about the best way to go about doing nothing! And so, as the urgent, driving energy of Mars moves into Leo today, and the Sun, a vital source of courage and conviction, links to both revolutionary Uranus and dreamy Neptune tomorrow, it's time we pushed our policies in the right direction.

Friday July 21

It Was All Yellow

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As the weekend approaches, the Sun prepares to leave Cancer, and create Leo's New Moon, whilst heading towards its conjunction with Mars. Is that a Tin Man I see by your side? Have you noticed the light ochre hue of bricks beneath your feet? Not yet? It's just that this confluence brings such a large dose of courage that we may feel like the lion who recently met a wizard in an emerald city! Freed from fear, we can pursue our dreams imbued with fresh optimism.

Saturday July 22

Your Week Ahead

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As the week begins the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are all partying in Leo. The Moon and Mercury are the first to make their excuses and head towards the door, but on their way they converge and get together with Uranus and Saturn, forming a Grand Trine. That's like staying for one last bout of amazing karaoke, leaving on a high and feeling fresh for work the next day. And, with Venus opposite Saturn, it's a time for boundless enthusiasm whilst not forgetting our limits.

Sunday July 23

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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