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July 24 2017 to July 30 2017

Monday July 24

Wondering About Wandering

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Mercury aligns exactly with Uranus, the change-maker, today as it begins to move on from the Grand Trine that it has been forming with Saturn. Saturn, the planet of commitment forms an opposition with Venus, and shares the limelight with Uranus. But, although they might sound like strange bedfellows, commitment and change aren't mutually exclusive. It takes a change of perspective to see the importance of continuing along a familiar path. Today, you can let your mind wonder, if your heart stays true.

Tuesday July 25

Virgo Home

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As Mercury enters Virgo late today, this is a homecoming for Virgos, who welcome back their ruling planet. But it's not the full story. Over the next few weeks Mercury, the planet of communication, appears to slow to a halt then turn back again, in retrograde motion, re-entering Leo. For now, let's enjoy our newly enhanced ability to use effective critical thinking and consolidate better positions from which to sort out messy situations. Just don't sort anything so well that, should the need arise, you can't find it again!

Wednesday July 26


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Someone recently asked me if the astrologer Nostradamus had predicted his own demise. We know that he predicted several deaths, but as well as being an astrologer, he was a world-renowned physician - so he had knowledge of the physical as well as the mystical. My feeling is that studying the planets shows us moments of great, fundamental transformation. I'm just too optimistic to view these as anything morbid. Life, surely, is best lived without knowing the date of our next great adventure!

Thursday July 27

Viva Vim and Vigour

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Today the Sun and Mars finally form their powerful conjunction. I say finally, because we've been feeling the build-up to this event for a while. The influence of Mars was present at the New Moon. And, as the planet of energy and passion moves through Leo, it will continue to be influenced and energised by the Sun. Mars remains close enough to empower the Total Solar Eclipse that takes place in August. For now, though, we can just enjoy the vim and vigour it brings to our sense of purpose.

Friday July 28

Detective Work

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Mercury has made two challenging angles. Yesterday, it linked to Jupiter; today it aligns with Pluto. It suggests the need to come to terms with an issue that has proved hard to understand. Today, with Mercury at home in Virgo, it's like having the instincts and intellect of Jessica Fletcher, Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau, all rolled into one. Our powers of deduction are strong. And, with Jupiter's keen sense of exploration, and urge for wisdom, a certain conundrum won't remain a mystery for long. Now where's my magnifying glass...

Saturday July 29

Your August Monthly Forecast

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People often talk about making a 'new start'. But what happens when turning over a new leaf isn't enough to sustain roots and branches? This month, a Total Solar Eclipse blazes its trail across America's heartland, affecting us all. As it arrives, the Sun, already powerful in its own sign of Leo, enjoys a harmonious link with the great change-maker, Uranus. It's a chance to banish fear, and embrace the opportunity for rebirth and renewal. It brings a message of transformation, and it's just begging to be explored.

Sunday July 30

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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