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July 31 2017 to August 6 2017

Monday July 31


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Today, Venus moves into Cancer, a region of the zodiac where the planet of love feels welcomed and at home. As the son of a Cancerian mother, I've got first-hand experience of the warmth, creativity and emotional depths this sign offers. That's why the return of Venus is something to celebrate, no matter which sign is your celestial home. Venus represents beauty, harmony and value, but it's most famous quality, love, can truly shine through.

Tuesday August 1

Spot Check

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Hi Oscar,
I've seen the pictures NASA sent back, of Jupiter's Great Red Spot. How do you think the Juno probe's images will affect us here on Earth? Thanks. Kate

Dear Kate, It's almost unbelievable that we can see the Red Spot on the gas giant. So much heat and energy would certainly impact predictions made for that planet. Back on Earth, I find it interesting that this should happen while Jupiter is in such a powerful relationship with Pluto, the planet of research and discovery!

Wednesday August 2

Don't Look Back in Anchor

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Tomorrow Uranus, the planet of revolution, changes direction and sets off backwards across our skies. This heralds a moment to reflect on some of the changes, both personal, national and international, that we've seen recently. It's possible that, just like the planet, some of these will begin a process of revision and even reversal. This is not a time, though, to look back with longing at the past. The drawing board can stay in the cupboard!

Thursday August 3

Take That Waltz

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Tomorrow, we head towards the final aspect in the series of 'square' angles we've been talking about since the turn of the year. Jupiter aligns with Pluto for the last of their heavenly dances together. Back then we talked about the likelihood of potential shocks, discoveries, twists and turns under this planetary relationship - and 2017 has certainly had a few of those! Expect an excitable salsa, rather than a gentle waltz for their final whirl around the dance floor.

Friday August 4

Dance Highlights

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Jupiter and Pluto's final dance together is in full swing. Jupiter brings optimism and opportunity to the partnership, while Pluto is the master of control, hidden power and regeneration. They make quite a couple. This is the last dance in a series that has highlighted many of the events of 2017. The extravagant celestial costumes, and thrilling footwork makes this dramatic, powerful and pleasurable too. It provides an opportunity - and an adventure - not to be missed.

Saturday August 5

Your Week Ahead

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Mario and his mushrooms. Popeye and his spinach. Asterix and his potion. These powerful figures are made all the more formidable with the help of an extra, magical ingredient. Let's add some astrological boosters to that list of items: illuminating Full Moons, lunar eclipses and the Jupiter-focused triangle of planets. Though we're capable of greatness without these celestial boons, we're stronger with them. With their help, plus Uranus and Neptune in a rare angle, we can boldly go where we've never been before.

Sunday August 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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