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August 7 2017 to August 13 2017

Monday August 7

La Luna

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Today we have a wonderful Lunar Eclipse. It may only be partial, and our friends in America won't get to see it (although they certainly get something to make up for it later this month!), but we will still feel the effects of this powerful and meaningful event. Whatever we may be looking to achieve in our lives, this auspicious moment helps us to realise and fulfil our desires. And with the influence of Mars adding to the celestial proceedings, there's the energy available to do what's required.

Tuesday August 8

Eclipse Ahoy!

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The Full Moon is the usual climax of the dance between our two brightest heavenly bodies. But this time, there's an encore worth staying in our seats for. In two weeks, we have what's sometimes known as a Black Moon. It's not as scary as it sounds! It's the rare occasion when a second New Moon arrives in a sign. This time, it's also a Total Solar Eclipse that will extend, coast to coast, across the USA. Though yesterday's Lunar Eclipse was powerful, there's much more to look forward to.

Wednesday August 9

Planets Got Talent

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Tomorrow, the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn form an aspect pattern known as a Minor Grand Trine or a 'small talent triangle'. That's exciting stuff for astrologers, but I wouldn't suggest queuing up for an audition at your local televised talent show on the strength of this alone! It does, though, create a sense of optimism, especially in areas where just a little good fortune could make all the difference. If we're prepared, realistic and persistent, it's not pushing anyone's luck to suggest that, with a little effort, this can pay off.

Thursday August 10

Vision of Change

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Tomorrow, two of the solar system's slowest planets form an aspect, the like of which hasn't occurred since 1973. And although it's not considered a major alignment, it sparks a series of important, influential factors that will occur over the next two years, and which will not be repeated for more a century. Uranus, the great revolutionary, is forming a sharp angle with Neptune, planet of dreams and transcendence. While there will be confusion and surprise, visionary change is also a strong possibility.

Friday August 11


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Yesterday, we talked about the combination of Neptunian and Uranian energy. Over the weekend, this influence is compounded by a series of aspects to other planets. While Venus begins a harmonious relationship with Neptune, the Sun's Saturn link creates a lasting Grand Trine, culminating with the Black Moon Solar Eclipse. This powerful pattern provides a source of great strength. With Mercury turning retrograde, we may need to review recent decisions. But the universe is providing courage, perseverance and vision in abundance.

Saturday August 12

Your Week Ahead

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Some weeks, it's quiet on the astrological front; and others, it's hard to squeeze in all the information. This is one of those weeks. It's the Sun's turn to form a Grand Trine, a triangular pattern, with Saturn and Uranus, bringing a wave of determination and courage. Venus moves opposite Pluto and forms a T-Square with Jupiter - so we can expect the unexpected, especially in matters of the heart. And, Mercury turns retrograde pulling our focus to the past. We'll all be in very different places - emotionally at least, by the end of the week.

Sunday August 13

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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