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August 21 2017 to August 27 2017

Monday August 21

The Great Eclipse

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Today, the Great American Eclipse blazes its trail across the United States. It forms one tip of a wonderful Grand Trine with Uranus and Saturn, and links to Mars and Jupiter. Quite apart from the Eclipse being influential itself, there's incredible power in an occasion when so many people collectively focus on the same thing. We can harness the potential of this moment. As the Eclipse arrives, if we imagine a better, brighter future for ourselves, and for the world, this can be the spur that kick-starts our journey onward.

Tuesday August 22


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Following yesterday's incredible Eclipse, tonight the Sun will move into Virgo. To be honest, we could barely wish for anything more! The Eclipse brought the promise of renewal. It gave us a moment of clarity and inspiration that could be the herald of a new dawn. In Leo, the Sun gifted us all with oodles of creativity, whole-heartedness and honourable intentions. In Virgo, we must move beyond intentions. It's time to turn ephemeral aspirations into solid, achievable action plans.

Wednesday August 23

Becoming Unstuck

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Saturn is standing still in the sky. It has been slipping backwards since April, but by Friday it begins to move forward again. For all of us, this represents the moment when an influence that has felt restricting starts to become supportive. There's been an almost universal feeling of being stuck in impossible situations. Frustrations have been simmering. As the great teacher changes direction, this is the time to consolidate the learnings of the past few months. We can begin to expand and express these - and take positive action.

Thursday August 24

From a Distance

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Venus, the planet of love, meets Uranus, the planet of change today. Well, I say 'meets'. They're not in the same room. They're not even in the same part of the sky. This is more a meaningful look at one another from a distance. But we only try to communicate with each other from afar when something important has to be shared. So today, Uranus is waving its arms at Venus, trying to get her to do something different, while Venus is urging calm and consideration. Who will you take more notice of?

Friday August 25

Growing Pains

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There are three major events this weekend. Venus moves into Leo, bringing a playful harmony that will appease any tantrums, and the Sun and retrograde Mercury pass each other, helping us to understand recent problems from a new perspective. But it's Jupiter's encouraging angle with Saturn that underpins these movements. It urges us to stay the course on a long journey. And it encourages us to trust that we're creating a foundation upon which future successes can be built. Don't give up on growth.

Saturday August 26

Your Week Ahead

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Major astrological events stack at either end of this week like mountains beside a valley. Right now, Venus is entering Leo; the Sun and retrograde Mercury are converging; and Jupiter makes a rare encouraging angle with Saturn. And next weekend, Mars combines harmoniously with Uranus, then conjuncts Mercury before the planet of communication slows to turn direct. But there's no need to fear the shadow that these mighty peaks cast. For the discerning optimists, this is a week filled with opportunities. With highs like these, there's little to feel low about.

Sunday August 27

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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