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August 28 2017 to September 3 2017

Monday August 28

Class Action

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Jupiter's encouraging relationship to Saturn became exact over the weekend. It reminds me of the relationship between a pupil and a strict teacher. The lessons may be difficult. There are other subjects you'd prefer to study. But hard-won approval is sweet and worth working for. The planets don't speak only about knuckling down, though... Venus promises playful kindness. But, Mercury's conjunction with the Sun reminds us not to forget that we're here to learn.

Tuesday August 29

Eclipse Eclipsed

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It's over a week since the Eclipse arrived to brighten, ahem, darken our skies. It would be wonderful to hear how it affected you, especially if you were one of the lucky people who saw it. I had planned to view it in the Blue Ridge Mountains with an old friend. We chose this location so we could experience the awe of nature as the sky darkened, hear the birds fall silent and see magical twilight envelop the mountains. It didn't all go exactly to plan!

Wednesday August 30


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My experience of the Eclipse didn't quite go to plan. As the world gazed up at the ring of fire, I was staring in the other direction, at a very different blackness, dealing with a virulent tummy bug! I thought I'd miss the spectacular cosmic event but, at the crucial moment, my fellow star-gazers rallied around me. Risking life and lunch, they brought me outside to view the totality. As incredible a sight as it was, it was their compassion that touched me the most.

Thursday August 31

Mercury Music Prize

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Mercury returns to Leo today in the latter stages of its retrogradation. Over the weekend it slows down as it heads back towards the Grand Trine it formed at the end of July. Then it turns direct again, without ever quite reforming the band. Yet even without the original line-up, there's still plenty of talent left, and much music to be made. We may all have to re-visit the chords to a tune we thought we knew well. But we'll also re-discover how enjoyable it is to play it.

Friday September 1

Inner Strength

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The relationship of Mars and Uranus becomes exact this weekend, as it exits the Grand Trine formed with Saturn. Then retrograde Mercury enters the fray. But, although Mercury and Mars meet while the red planet is still infused with these energies, Mercury stops tantalisingly short of rekindling its own Grand Trine. We're being given access to great inner strength. This comes with the temptation to tear down structures that seem constricting. Let's ring the changes with care.

Saturday September 2

Your September Monthly Forecast

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This month, the sky gods Jupiter and Uranus make their final opposition in their incident-packed dance across the heavens. This relationship first came to a head at the turn of the year, and has been the engine for many of the dramatic changes and oscillating fortunes we've felt throughout 2017. Yet, the last sip of this heady wine brings the benefits of fresh perspective. With Pluto no longer muddying the waters, we'll begin to awaken to the lessons our adventures have brought.

Sunday September 3

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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