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September 4 2017 to September 10 2017

Monday September 4

Scrambled Omelette

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Is it possible to make an omelette without breaking any eggs? You'd think not. But Jonathan was a vegan. And over an egg-free scrambled tofu omelette, he'd explain his own twist on astrology to me. It was unique, individual and unusual, yet deeply respectful of the ancient arts. As Mars, fresh from its trine with Uranus and its conjunction to retrograde Mercury, moves signs tomorrow, it drives us forward. But trails needn't always blaze to shine brightly. A more measured approach may be just as successful.

Tuesday September 5

Still Mercury

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As Mars arrives in Virgo today, that sign's ruler, Mercury, hangs still in the sky while it turns direct. Astrologers learn that stationary planets create a powerful presence. There's no ignoring the influence they wield. And, after several weeks of misdirection, confusion and downright mischievousness, Mercury is finally pulling in the same direction as the rest of the team. We no longer need to be stuck in the quality assurance department, checking for flaws. Instead we'll feel the benefit of the revisions to the system.

Wednesday September 6

Full Moon Fulfilment

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Today, the Moon becomes Full as it aligns with the dreamy planet Neptune. This particular combination is almost the astrological equivalent of an oxymoron - as the 'realisation' of a Full Moon combines with the 'nebulousness' of Neptune. But Neptune isn't just about illusion and fog. It represents vision, transcendence and glamour - all of which chime quite well with the Full Moon's message of fulfilment. And, with Mercury direct again, the mists of the mind finally start to clear. Hopefully we'll all start feeling a little less oxymoronic!

Thursday September 7

Fringe Benefits

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I recently got back from the Edinburgh Fringe. Stand-up comedy is my passion - my record is 123 hour-long shows in three weeks! This particular visit was more of a sprint than a marathon, though I may have developed a stitch from laughing so much. But having seen so many performances, I've started to appreciate some of the techniques of the trade. One is called, 'the pull back and reveal'. And, following Mercury turning direct, and the Full Moon conjunct Neptune, the celestial stage is set to get in on this act.

Friday September 8

Power Trip

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This weekend, Mercury returns to Virgo. While natives of the Southern Hemisphere might now be starting their 'spring cleaning', in the Northern regions this period could be named 'autumnal organisation' or 'fall filing'. Certainly Mercury's presence in its own sign brings a renewed ability to categorise, understand and sort through information. But, at the same time as Mercury changes signs, the Sun forms a harmonious link to Pluto. They say that information is power. This weekend, we can all grow a little more powerful.

Saturday September 9

Your Week Ahead

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Legend has it that Napoleon Bonaparte was responsible for hazelnut chocolate. Turin was Europe's chocolate capital. When the emperor blockaded the city, the supply of cacao diminished. So the chocolatiers supplemented their cocoa powder with ground hazelnuts. This week reminds me of the iconic Italian treat - Ferrero Rocher. As Venus enters a Grand Trine formation with Saturn and Uranus, there's a delicious mix of hard shells and soft centres. Though we won't be handed victory on a platter, the experience will taste sweet.

Sunday September 10

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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