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September 18 2017 to September 24 2017

Monday September 18

Knowing Me, Knowing You

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Alan Partridge, the spoof TV and radio presenter, used to sign off segments with the words, 'on that bombshell'. The joke, was that it followed a very mundane revelation. As Venus's link to Uranus signals the ending of the Grand Trine, I'm tempted to make a similar joke. Not because this is mundane, but because 'bombshell' suggests shock and surprise. Although since Venus has a surprise in store, it's going to be one of a pleasant variety!

Tuesday September 19

Out of the Shadow

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Mercury 'leaves the shadow' today. It sounds scarier than it is. Mercury didn't grow fangs. It hasn't been waiting to pounce, like a vampire! It simply begins to cover new celestial ground past the point it turned retrograde in August. Tomorrow, too, Mercury opposes Neptune as the New Moon arrives. There could hardly be a more fitting way to mark the occasion. Neptune's vision and enchantment helps us imagine a better future. Mercury's new path will work out how to get there.

Wednesday September 20

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Today, Venus enters Virgo, Mercury opposes Neptune and the New Moon links to Uranus. If you have a stick, that's plenty to shake it at! But stick-shaking is probably less of an appropriate metaphor than hat-throwing (of the celebratory kind, as opposed to the James Bond villain variety). New Moons, even without Uranus's injection, bring new beginnings. And, as Venus begins to traverse her new celestial home, it suggests that what we remake, though imperfect, could be better than that which came before.

Thursday September 21

Having Your Cake

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Like many people, I carry a little spare weight. And I'm approaching the time when I'm bound to contemplate this. It will be a time when I will be presented with lots of delicious cake too! That's because tomorrow the Sun enters the sign of the scales and my birthday is on the horizon. So I'd better share that cake then! But Libra's scales are more about justice than dieting. And tomorrow's Equinox marks the moment when the sky is in balance - harmony and beauty can reign supreme.

Friday September 22


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Merry Equinox! Did you get my card? What did Santinox deliver down your chimney? We obviously don't herald the Sun's passage across the celestial equator with as much gusto as we celebrate another holiday suspiciously close to a solstice. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't enjoy the moment- and it's not just the Sun urging us to do so. The coming Mars-Neptune opposition also encourages us to pursue our dreams. Passion is the gateway to bliss this weekend.

Saturday September 23

Your Week Ahead

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The week is focused on the final opposition between revolutionary Uranus and adventurous Jupiter. Uranus often signals a time of awakening. With Jupiter entering into a tense relationship with Neptune - the planet of dreams, and mysterious Pluto finally turning direct, there's a sense that we can begin to face whatever's been stalking our subconscious. It's time for a reality check. As new light is shed on old proceedings, we'll wonder why we were ever afraid.

Sunday September 24

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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