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October 9 2017 to October 15 2017

Monday October 9

Lightbulb Moment

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'How many cockroaches does it take to change a lightbulb? Can't tell, the moment you turn it on, they scatter!' This harmless joke from A Bug's Life nicely illustrates your situation today. Mercury and the Sun were entwined over the weekend. Now, they square off with Pluto. That's like fitting a new bright bulb in a lamp, and switching on the power. It provides us with the light to see what we've been searching for. But, unlike the roaches, there's no reason to fear what we'll find.

Tuesday October 10

Happy Endings

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Today brings a monumental shift. Jupiter, planet of exploration and adventure, enters Scorpio, possibly the most complex, hidden and private zodiac sign. But, choosing to remain hidden doesn't suggest that someone has something to hide. Scorpios, who have hearts of gold, are as common as life-affirming messages in Pixar movies - they're everywhere! They simply don't always appear on command when the red carpet is rolled out. We don't need to search to infinity or beyond to find a happy ending today.

Wednesday October 11

Sheeple Shecrets

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Sheeple is a word that's crept into the zeitgeist. It's used to describe people who don't question authority. Often, though, it's used to portray ordinary folk, going about their lives as best they can, choosing to trust, rather than suspect, their fellow citizens. The people who use the word seem to find this kind of behavior frustrating. As Mars links to Saturn today, frustrations can be positively channelled. And Jupiter's journey through Scorpio will reveal many hidden truths.

Thursday October 12

10 Years After

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Dear Oscar,
Rather surprisingly, I seem to be reworking issues that I was dealing with a decade ago. Could this be anything to do with Pluto being retrograde? Or Jupiter's return to Scorpio? Thanks. Melanie

Hi Melanie, When you wrote this, Jupiter was preparing to oppose Uranus, and Pluto was beginning to change direction. It's no surprise things were - surprising! You're right that Jupiter's return to Scorpio will help give meaning to what's being revealed, both past and present.

Friday October 13

Lucky Day

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Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky in some cultures. Since astrology is often put into the same category as superstition, some people may be surprised that I give this notion short shrift. But, calendars were created by power-wielders, whereas astrologers study the natural world, the movement of the planets and the nature of humankind. Luck works in mysterious ways, especially now with Jupiter traversing Scorpio. And, as Mercury opposes Uranus this weekend, we may well be in for a surprise.

Saturday October 14

Your Week Ahead

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This week, Mercury leaps into Scorpio, does a backflip, and a twirl, then lands perfectly to please the judges. That's because it conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of hope, optimism and opportunity, and boosts our mental agility. But it's not just our minds that can be perfectly poised. With Venus returning home to Libra, our hearts can achieve a better sense of balance. And with the New Moon opposite Uranus, though the bar may be high, we'll be limber enough to reach it!

Sunday October 15

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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