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October 23 2017 to October 29 2017

Monday October 23

The Right Tree

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Following the movement of Mars into Libra over the weekend, the Sun moves out of that sign today. When the Sun and Mars collude, our desires harmonise with our sense of purpose. It's like dogs who've picked up a scent, and excitedly and purposefully chase after something. So, now that they've separated, will we be easily distracted by the smell of a cat and end up barking up the wrong tree? Not necessarily. Let's not lose faith, and keep following our noses! Chance are, we're on the right track.

Tuesday October 24

Worry Ye Not

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Today, Mercury trines Neptune for the third time this year. The last time it occurred Mars and Mercury were in a fiery, energetic conjunction. Given that Neptune's influence encourages us to dream, and create an impressionistic view of the world, Mars' presence last time, agitated the situation, and may have caused us to lose patience. Things are very different now. There's no reason to worry about anything that seems confusing or unrealistic. The rationale will soon become clear.

Wednesday October 25

Your Majesty

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Hi Oscar,
Will the ending of the NASA Cassini Mission affect Saturn? Thanks. Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth, Apparently, trees pass messages to each other through the soil. But, their awareness works on such a slow timescale that we're unable to fathom it. So, a tree would only know that it was being hugged, if the hug lasted a very long time! Similarly, it's highly unlikely that Saturn has noticed our interference. We, on the other hand, can easily be humbled by its majesty. Oscar

Thursday October 26

Planning Permission

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Today, the Sun follows Mercury's footsteps and conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter represents growth. So if Mercury's visit was like consulting an architect, the Sun's arrival is the equivalent of the builders turning up on site. And, with Jupiter's influence, we'll need to make sure that what was meant to be a kitchen extension doesn't end up becoming a new wing! We don't want any trouble with the planning regulators (or the bank manager)! But it will certainly feel good to get things moving ahead.

Friday October 27

Honest Appraisal

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This weekend, Venus makes a tense angle with Pluto. Since Pluto represents control and transformation, it can sometimes manipulate events in a Machiavellian manner. Venus in her own sign, so if secret plans are being concocted, they're being made for the right reasons. There's nothing wrong with subtly steering things in the right direction, especially if it benefits other people. But, with Mercury and the Sun also linking to Pluto, it's better to be honest about our motivations.

Saturday October 28

Your November Monthly Forecast

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As Saturn and Uranus form the last in a series of harmonious angles in November, they link with the Moon to form the briefest of 'Grand Trines'. And, as Venus, representing our hearts, opposes the change-maker Uranus, and conjuncts the explorer Jupiter, we can expect emotional volatility. Yet, Saturn's reassuring presence will be there for us to fall back on. Whichever wind fills our sails in November, as long as we can adapt to the changes in the weather, we can journey in a very promising direction.

Sunday October 29

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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