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November 13 2017 to November 19 2017

Monday November 13

Inflation Warning

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Venus conjuncts Jupiter today. If you were a character in Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, this is the equivalent of being given a cake called 'Eat me'. If your heart resembles a balloon, this represents a helium canister. But, before we all get carried away, it's worth pointing out that Alice also had a 'Drink me' potion that helped her come back to the right size. And we all know what happens to balloons if they're over-filled with air. Today, if your heart swells with joy, enjoy it - just watch that it doesn't over inflate!

Tuesday November 14

House Rules

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Hi Oscar,
Can you explain what the astrological houses are for?
Duncan (Gemini)

Hi Duncan,
Astrology focuses on the planet (what's happening), the sign (how it's happening) and the house (where it occurs). The houses are created by dividing the sky into twelve sections, depending on the position of the horizon when you were born. If you don't know the time, it's more complicated. I often use 'Solar Houses' which takes the Sun sign as House 1. So Sun-Geminis, for example, have Scorpio as their 6th Solar House. Oscar

Wednesday November 15

Picture Perfect

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Neptune (the artist) and Venus (the muse) make a benevolent connection tomorrow. Since many artists produce their most impressive works when they're experiencing difficulties, you might think that this alignment is too harmonious to be inspiring. But, it can show us how beautiful the world can be. If we could only be inspired to see our lives in a new light, with fresh perspective, we could paint a more harmonious picture in our hearts. The cosmos is providing us with such an opportunity.

Thursday November 16

More Bronco for Your Buck

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This weekend, Scorpio welcomes its annual New Moon. Meanwhile, Mars and Pluto, Scorpio's twin rulers, form a dynamic square, The scene reminds me of a bucking bronco at a rodeo. Except that this is a rodeo being held in the dark, using experimental techniques! Who will prevail, rider or steed? Perhaps I'm being overly dramatic. This doesn't have to represent a battle; but we all have power at our fingertips, and there's a chance that we may need reins to hold us back!

Friday November 17

Dig Deep

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The New Moon in Scorpio encourages us to take a fresh approach to a complicated matter this weekend. It suggests that a hidden way forward will present itself, and that we should dig deep, rather than give something up as a lost cause. Mars and Pluto's alignment may tempt us to use a heavy industrial emotional drill to burrow through the tough bedrock. So, be careful about how you handle the power switch. A measured, yet firmly handled approach will get the best results.

Saturday November 18

Your Week Ahead

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Spelunking has never appealed to me. The thought of crawling through cave systems fills me with horror. Give me a kayak, and some whitewater, though, and I'm in my element. The excitement of picking a course across frothing rapids is thrilling. As we emerge from the darkness of the new moon, and a tense relationship between Mars and Pluto, we can step blinking into the brightness as the Sun enters Sagittarius, and Neptune turns direct. There's not just light at the end of this tunnel, but freedom and fun too.

Sunday November 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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