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December 4 2017 to December 10 2017

Monday December 4

Half Pipe Half Mercury

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The shape of this week's astrological activity reminds me of a skate park 'half pipe' - a semi-circular ramp designed to generate momentum for the jumps and stunts at either end. But, with Mercury retrograde, it might feel as if we're having to skate backwards! That will make any tricks we manage to pull off even more impressive. And following this weekend's Full Moon T-square, plus Jupiter and Neptune's alignment, our celestial energies are bright enough to put on a dazzling display.

Tuesday December 5


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Dear Oscar,
My birthday is at the end of Scorpio. Does this mean that I get the bad effects rather than the good ones? Karen

Dear Karen, Some astrologers believe that the part of the sign you were born in makes a difference, and that there are different 'personality types' within each zodiac sign. But Scorpios with a late birthday have just as much right to happiness as any others! If you suspend your suspicion and doubt, you'll see opportunities as Mars returns to your sign at the end of this week - bringing a fruitful, energised end to your year.

Wednesday December 6

Port in a Storm

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Mercury is retrograde and its convergence with Saturn reaches its peak today. Although this seems an intimidating scenario, these aren't louts hanging out on street corners! They're more like surly teenagers - not all that good at communicating, and prone to the occasional sulk! When these two planets aligned last week, we talked about pragmatism being a safe port of call when we find ourselves in a storm of uncertainty. There's nothing wrong with dropping anchor here for a while!

Thursday December 7

The Attraction of Traction

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Mars is about to return to one of its celestial homes, Scorpio. For Scorpios, who are already buoyed by Jupiter's visit, this brings a tangible boost of intense energy. During the next seven weeks, Mars will be at its most powerful until 2019, so we can all expect to find events moving quickly. We just need to be careful to keep our wheels on the ground as we fly around the corners. Wise Jupiter will help us navigate this race. And with judicious control, we'll be heading in the right direction - fast!

Friday December 8

A Mist Opportunity

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One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen was a sunset from California's Mount Diablo. In the Bay Area, the climate is often misty. But from up high, it was as if we were camping above a sea of cloud. We're about to reach the opposite peak of the astrological valley I described on Monday. Mars enter Scorpio, Venus makes a dynamic link with Neptune, and Mercury slips further backwards through our skies to realign harmoniously with Uranus. Despite the fog this weekend, we can all enjoy the view.

Saturday December 9

Your Week Ahead

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This week, we'll discover the 'Eek!' in the word 'Eureka!' What feels like a moment of breakthrough may not be quite as simple as it first appears to be. But even though Mercury's retrograde motion will bring us face to face with sticking plaster solutions, rather than more reliably solid plaster casts, it provides a chance to address issues that have been dogging us. By looking beyond the surface, digging deep, and allowing some time to reflect, it will yet prove to be a very constructive week.

Sunday December 10

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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