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January 30 2017 to February 5 2017

Monday January 30

Colour Balancing

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So here we are in the Year of The Rooster, in the afterglow of the New Moon, in the light of Mercury free from its shadow. There's a lot of 'newness' around in the sky. But nobody reading this page was born yesterday. No matter how new we want to feel, we all view every new opportunity through the prism of what's come before. Today, as the Sun makes a link to the illusory Neptune, be sure to remember that, whatever colour they are, all our spectacles are tinted!

Tuesday January 31

Bright and Bold

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Mars' influence is particularly strong from now until March. It's travelling through its own sign Aries, where its effects are magnified. But this isn't just a boon for those born under the sign of the ram. As the various planets make alignments with their fiery cousin, all of us will feel its heat and passion emerging in our lives. Today, Mercury is making a creative and productive quintile angle with Mars. It's a day not just to be bright, but bold too.

Wednesday February 1

Lucky Escape

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With Mercury out of its shadow, it's time to concentrate on the 'now', rather than on the past. And the angle it makes with Uranus today suggests a potential breakthrough in a matter that's been troubling you for a while. But, of course, change can't help but be influenced by what's come before. After all, unless there's a situation that requires changing, there's little incentive to make a fuss! Whatever's been holding you back, here comes the chance to channel your own Houdini.

Thursday February 2

Groundhog Day

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Whatever's holding you back, here comes the chance to channel your own Houdini. Hang on, didn't I recently write something similar? Oh yes, that's how I ended yesterday's introduction. But, today being Groundhog Day, as your astrological weatherman, I'm playing the part of Bill Murray in the famous movie. And with Mercury moving to make a dynamic square with Jupiter, the influence of 2017's year-defining astral opposition is re-energised, bringing the chance to explore hitherto unimagined possibilities.

Friday February 3

Some Like it Hot

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Today, Venus joins Mars in Aries. If you like your relationships hot, here comes the chance to add a little heat to a particularly delicious gumbo! Yet, even if your palate is more delicate, you won't be asking for soothing cool water. This alignment isn't just about passion, but the chance to heal and bring harmony to a situation that has been fraught. Ahead of next month's unusual Venus retrogradation, it's an ideal moment to move forward, both sensitively and assuredly, in affairs of the heart.

Saturday February 4

Your February Monthly Forecast

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With Mars conjunct Uranus opposite Jupiter, and two eclipses, February is under a shadow of hefty astrological influences! But being in shadow doesn't mean that we have a cold dark time ahead. Far from it, there will be plenty of sugary treats to help any medicine go down. The Lunar Eclipse forms two aspect patterns known as 'Kites'. These are like Grand Trines with the wind in their sails. So can we reach the highest heights promised by Ms Poppins? The Solar Eclipse suggests we can!

Sunday February 5

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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