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December 18 2017 to December 24 2017

Monday December 18

Finding Your Galactic Centre

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This New Moon is especially potent as it arrives in the area of the sky known as the galactic centre. The Moon reflects the centre of our beings and, as it converges with the Sun, it forms a supportive alliance with revolutionary Uranus. Being so close to Saturn changing signs, and the Solstice, it indicates that long-awaited change is in the air. There's a lot to be excited about with the weekend's Saturn-Neptune link suggesting that a creative solution can be found to an elusive problem.

Tuesday December 19

Strong and Stable

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Saturn is about to change signs. It's been making its way through Sagittarius for nearly three years, where its serious workaholic nature has been challenged by the fiery, explorative and adventurous characteristics of the centaur. So, there's a feeling of relief as it moves into the next stage of its journey through the horoscope. As it returns home to Capricorn for the first time in 29 years, we'll all feel the benefit of the uniquely Capricornian strengths of commitment and steadiness.

Wednesday December 20

Ears and Feet to the Ground

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The Auriga were the most trusted slaves in ancient Rome. One of their roles was to whisper 'you are only human' into the ears of the conquering heroes to ensure that they would keep their feet on the ground. As tomorrow's Solstice sees the Sun form a conjunction with Saturn, which moves into Capricorn today, it's hard to know who is master and who is slave. It may be Saturn's homecoming, but it's the Sun's parade. Either way, a hard-won victory needs celebrating. But let's keep our feet on terra firma.

Thursday December 21

Happy Solstice!

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Happy Solstice! Happy Saturnalia! Honestly, this year I don't know which to celebrate more. Saturn in Capricorn is the rarer of these events, though. And as it returns home for the first time since 1988, there's a sense that much of our hard work will begin to pay off. Endeavour will be respected, and achievement will be recognised. For those who never lost faith in the goodness of the world, commitment will be rewarded. And though experience makes us wary of false dawns, it shows us that light always finds a way to shine through.

Friday December 22

Moving Mountains

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The Sun isn't the only luminary changing trajectory in our skies. Following yesterday's Solstice, Mercury ends its retrogradation this weekend. It's almost like the Sun's convergence with reinvigorated Saturn gives us the authority to direct the planets! That might be a little extreme! But our voices will begin to be heard, and our demands better understood. And though we may not be able to charm the Moon from the sky, or tell the stars where to shine, we might find that one or two of the mountains we face can be moved.

Saturday December 23

Your Week Ahead

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As we rush around preparing, with Venus conjuncting Saturn, for once we don't need to go over the top with presents! Luckily, Mercury is turning direct, so those letters sent to the North Pole will make it in time, and stockings can be hung with confidence. We can clear up some misunderstandings before the season starts too. Mars and Neptune's link suggests inspiring ideas are in the air, plus the energy to see them through. And, with Venus setting a loving glow over the scene, it feels appropriate to say 'Happy Christmas'!

Sunday December 24

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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