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February 6 2017 to February 12 2017

Monday February 6

Faith and Harmony

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In 2010 the UN declared the first week of February as World Interfaith Harmony Week. Although it may seem as if the world wasn't paying much attention (sadly not a new experience for this organisation), with Venus, the planet of harmony and kindness, newly in Aries, those of us who desire a more beautiful, fairer world can find the energy to be more assertive. Jupiter turns retrograde today. So, if we want the world to believe in us, we first need to have faith in ourselves.

Tuesday February 7

The Way Ahead

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Since Jupiter, the planet of faith, wisdom and adventure, is now retrograde until June, should we be preparing for cynicism, stupidity, monotony and decline? I think not! Retrogradation doesn't mean that a planet's influence works in the opposite way. Rather, in order to access these qualities, it encourages us to examine ourselves. This is a time for reviewing decisions, and realigning with key goals and fundamental values. With Mercury moving into Aquarius today, we can all hope to see a clear way to move forward.

Wednesday February 8

A New Light

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Mercury was the messenger of the ancient classical gods. Traditionally, he's often pictured accompanied by a cockerel: the herald of the new day. Given that we've not long begun the Year of the Rooster, it seems appropriate that its presence should be accentuated as it moves into Aquarius. Mercury's gifts focus on the mind and the intellect. Though its presence, in this new part of the sky, may not make all our worries disappear, it brings the opportunity for us to see our problems in a new, brighter, more solvable light.

Thursday February 9

Powerful Moment

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We're not too far away from time when the Moon becomes full. That's not unusual. This month this event occurs in Leo. That's not unusual either. This time, though, it forms a penumbral eclipse; the Moon is darkened, but not obscured by the Earth's shadow. That makes it more exciting. But making it particularly special are the harmonious and encouraging relationships it makes as it converges with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Tomorrow I'll talk more about the influence this powerful moment can have in all our lives.

Friday February 10

Kites Running

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This weekend, we have a fantastic Lunar Eclipse raining magic down upon the Earth. As the Moon becomes full it forms two patterns known, in astrological terms, as 'kites'. These are similar to Grand Trines, the great harmonious talent boosters of the zodiac, but with added direction and purpose. Saturn, Uranus and the Full Moon, (the bringer of realisation and fulfilment), are all focusing their energies on the Sun and Jupiter. We're being encouraged to be brave and intrepid. If you believe in yourself now, your faith will take you far.

Saturday February 11

Your Week Ahead

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This weekend a powerful Lunar Eclipse is taking place, forming two magnificent astrological 'kites' in the sky. These work a little like Grand Trines with bells on: they take all the support and talent that a Grand Trine offers, and channel it in a direction that manifests more specifically in our lives. Since it's the Moon, the zodiac's most emotive protagonist, that's instigating this event, it bodes well for St Valentine's Day! Any new journeys and fresh starts look set to grow, flourish and last.

Sunday February 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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