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February 20 2017 to February 26 2017

Monday February 20

Chocs Away

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With the Sun in Pisces, the characteristics of the sign of the fish are highlighted and we may all begin to feel more sensitive now. But the word 'sensitive' has many connotations. A grazed knee is sensitive. So are our taste buds when encountering the delectable pleasures of artisanal chocolate. I know which kind of 'sensitive' I'd prefer to have in my life! And, with Mercury, the planet of communication, also entering Pisces next weekend, we may find that it's our tongues that become deliciously sensitive after all!

Tuesday February 21

Problem Solving

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Yesterday I wrote about Mercury's move into Pisces at the end of the week. But, during its last week in Aquarius, there's some unfinished business it needs to attend to first. Today, the planet most associated with 'matters of the mind' makes positive angles to the great Jupiter-Uranus opposition which still dominates our skies. It suggests that an interesting change can help expand our minds. If we're open to seeing how we can approach problems from a new and intriguing direction, those problems might instead manifest as opportunities.

Wednesday February 22

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Mars and Pluto are now forming a 'square' in the sky. This alignment typically involves a tension that demands to be resolved, potentially becoming the instigator of progress. But what makes this even more exciting is the position of the Sun midway between the two planets. It forms a 'Minor T-square' - a miniature version of the great astrological event which colours the year. Although powerful passions may fight for control in our lives, with courage, and conviction, we can harvest this energy and shape our own destiny.

Thursday February 23

Limbering Up

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The Mars-Pluto alignment may have peaked yesterday, but its influence is far from over. Next week, it will conjunct Uranus and oppose Jupiter to become part of the great T-square we've talked about. This alone, would be enough to re-energise many of the exciting possibilities now on offer to us all. But, with the arrival of an Eclipse this weekend, that energy is not only highlighted, it's highly contagious. Now's the time to prioritise, plan and prepare for a period of unprecedented action.

Friday February 24

Seize the Moment

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As Mercury changes signs this weekend, it catches up with the position of the Sun. And as the powerful Solar Eclipse arrives, it can be considered to form a conjunction with this event. But the Eclipse also conjuncts dreamy, impressionistic Neptune, and links to 2017's great T-square. That's a lot of astrological activity! This moment not only carries the seed of urgent new beginnings, but also the sensitivity to nurture their growth. It's time for passion, compassion and action now.

Saturday February 25

Your Week Ahead: Fly Like an Eagle

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This week is incredible! Not only does the Solar Eclipse conjunct Neptune, but Mars almost simultaneously conjuncts Uranus and thus re-energises 2017's powerful T-square. It's an opportunity to tackle any issues we're facing with a new sense of flair and vigour. Add the Sun's Mercury conjunction, and Venus preparing to turn retrograde, and there's plenty to be excited about! Think of yourself as a majestic eagle. The winds of change have the potential to blow us away. But if we spread our wings right, we can really soar.

Sunday February 26

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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