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February 27 2017 to March 5 2017

Monday February 27

T Time

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Today, as Mars conjuncts Uranus, opposite Jupiter, we experience a re-energising of the astrological T-square that's been active since the turn of the year. Arriving hot on the heels of the Solar Eclipse, this is an exciting time just to be alive, let alone be an astrologer! No matter how daunting the challenges you face, or how complicated the transition you're going through, life is giving you the tools, and the energy, to make what needs to happen, happen!

Tuesday February 28

A Day at the Races

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In astrology, a Solar Eclipse represents new beginnings. Mars embodies energy and drive, and the influence of Uranus creates dramatic change. Today, I'd like you to picture your life as the start of a new season in Formula 1. Each year, drivers change teams, new race technology is developed, and 'standings' are reset. Our engines are now being upgraded. It may take a little while to get used to the new power, but get ready to leave your old lap times in the dust.

Wednesday March 1

Slow Down

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I've just watched a video of popcorn cooking, slowed to 30,000 frames per second. At that speed, the process looks incredible. The kernel opens up like the petals of a fluffy white flower. Yesterday, I suggested that life could be like a race between high-powered cars. Actually, that isn't the complete picture. There's at least one astrological influence that's slowing things down. The planet Venus is on its way to turning retrograde. But some things are only enhanced by slow motion.

Thursday March 2

The Funny Side

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Satire paints a distorted picture in order to communicate fundamental truths. Horatian satire is designed to gently mock the vices of dominant opinion. It's supposed to elicit understanding through humour and wry observation. Juvenalian satire, meanwhile, is more abrasive. It uses exaggeration to ridicule its targets. Today, the Sun, and soon Mercury will conjunct with Neptune, the planet of illusion, confusion, imagination and bliss. Look on the funny side of your misconceptions now. Chances are they're Horatian in nature!

Friday March 3

T Square Two

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Today, the second of 2017's powerful T-squares becomes exact. Retrograde Jupiter slips backwards through the sky, aligning exactly opposite Uranus again, as they both link with Pluto. The second act of this three-part play is reaching its climax. In the theatre, this is when the issues raised in Act One recur with new twists and intensity. It's also when the ideas which will enable the resolution, in the final scene, are revealed. Life doesn't have to make uncomfortable viewing now. But if there's drama, make sure you learn from it!

Saturday March 4

Your March Monthly Forecast

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March is coloured by the second Jupiter-Uranus opposition of 2017, which occurs as the month begins, bringing great potential for adventurous exploits. The natural energy of transition, happening in the world around us as the seasons change, is emphasised by the celestial movements. And, with the planet of luck and expansion ending the month with a close link to Pluto, there's potential for transformation to take place on a personal level too. It's a month for exploring inner and outer new landscapes... and enjoying them!

Sunday March 5

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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