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March 5 2018 to March 11 2018

Monday March 5

Oscar Winner

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This is an exciting time for people called Oscar. We keep hearing about our namesakes being awarded to the creatively rich and talented people of the film industry. As much as I might be thrilled at the prospect of going home with some of the recipients, I have to remember it's an Academy Award, not a balding astrologer, who the stars are competing for! If there's confusion arising from the weekend's Sun-Neptune conjunction, Mercury and Venus entering Aries tomorrow will help bring clarity.

Tuesday March 6

Exciting Encounters

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Over the weekend the Sun converged with sensitive, compassionate Neptune, while Mercury and Venus met up in dreamy, soulful Pisces. In such an astrological climate it's probably quite apt that yesterday was Multiple Personality Day. Today Mercury and Venus both move into assertive, energetic Aries. These two signs have such very different characteristics that, energised by the fiery nature of their new home, there are passionate exchanges and exciting encounters on the horizon.

Wednesday March 7

In the Zone

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Hi Oscar,
If you were born in the UK but live in Australia is your reading the same, or a day different? Scott

Hi Scott, While an individually focused chart specific to your circumstances would take geography into account, when it comes to your daily Sun-sign horoscope, you can rest assured that it will work for you wherever you are in the world. Though astrological alignments arrive at specific moments, their effects typically manifest in the days around their peak. Some last longer, colouring weeks, months or even, more subtly, generations!

Thursday March 8

International Women's Day

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Happy International Women's Day! It's also 'International Men-Asking-Why-They-Don't-Get-An-International-Day-About-Them Day' (they do: November 19). But that so many ask this question is indicative of a problem. It highlights the issues we face when a group is perceived to be getting preferential treatment - even if the truth is the opposite. Yet, as Jupiter, the planet of morality and justice, turns retrograde tomorrow, it's a good time to examine our consciences and right some wrongs.

Friday March 9

Revolutionary Heart

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Mars and Uranus are about to enter a harmonious relationship, suggesting that any desires for progress are supported by the celestial winds of change. Meanwhile Mercury forms a tense alignment with stoical, restrictive Saturn. It's almost like political activist Thomas Paine having writer's block, or Martin Luther King suffering from laryngitis. Revolutionary hearts are being fired up, but we need to find creative ways to express ourselves, otherwise we risk missing out on advancing our cause.

Saturday March 10

Your Week Ahead

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This week, Saturn makes its presence felt as both Mercury and Venus square off with the celestial voice of authority. Then Jupiter, now in retrograde motion, follows by making the second in a series of tense alignments with Saturn that began in December last year. While this might not be the easiest of rides, we're certainly not on the road to nowhere. Although progress will be met by some resistance, it's how we work to overcome the challenges that will define the value of the changes we can make.

Sunday March 11

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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