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March 19 2018 to March 25 2018

Monday March 19

What's New?

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There's a lot that's 'new' in the sky. The New Moon has just renewed its cycle and it encourages us to follow a new vision. Mars has changed signs and is driving us to strive towards more ambitious achievements, and tomorrow the Equinox heralds the astrological New Year. There's a feeling of boldness and adventure in the air. But, as Mercury slows down before turning retrograde, it brings a reminder of how the past can catch up with us. We can't flee from it, but we can learn from it.

Tuesday March 20


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Welcome to a brand-new astrological year! Today, the Sun enters Aries and, to mark the occasion, Mercury and Venus converge to seed inspiring messages of hope in our hearts. The Equinox is an auspicious moment celebrated across the world. But whether you're still recovering from St Patrick's Day, or heading to Mexico to watch the shadow serpent appear on the Mayan temple of Chichen Itza, this is a cosmological coming of age. Prepare to be re-energised and renewed.

Wednesday March 21

No Moon Blues

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Dear Oscar,
I was intrigued by the fact that there was no Full Moon in February. I can't remember this ever happening before. Does it have special astrological significance? Kristian

Dear Kristian, It seems that the last time this occurred was in 1999 and the next time will be 2037. These all coincide with double Blue Moons (although that's not always the case). As we head towards our second Blue Moon, the optimism it inspires can drive away any February Lunar, er, blues! Oscar

Thursday March 22

Testing Time

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Mercury hangs almost motionless in Aries. Tomorrow it begins to slip backwards in the sign associated with bold, enterprising, assertive energy. But despite any potential frustration, it brings a useful chance to check that the actions we're inspired to take aren't based on erroneous assumptions. Although no-one wants 'to be taken to school' over a task, a little last-minute cramming for a test sometimes makes the difference between success and failure. It's time to look again at what we thought we knew.

Friday March 23

Hidden Truths

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It's not just retrograde Mercury that's revealing hidden truths that lie behind what we thought we knew. The dynamic link of Venus with mysterious Pluto places a high value on secretive and enigmatic matters. It encourages curiosity in even the most uninterested of souls. But we needn't fear ending up like the proverbial cat! We just need to exercise a modicum of control. The weekend's Sun-Mars alignment brings the energy and strength to take the forces that are coming our way, and bend them to our will.

Saturday March 24

Your Week Ahead

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Retrograde Mercury's influence doesn't seem to have dampened the effect that any confused bulls who happen to find themselves in china shops might be having. This weekend's Sun-Mars alignment suggests a slightly edgy time when all red rags need to be kept safely hidden in our pockets! Unusually, the approaching Full Moon might have a stabilising influence as it creates a T-Square with the coming Mars-Saturn conjunction. So, as Venus prepares to move into Taurus, if we direct our enthusiasm wisely, we might end up achieving what we desire after all.

Sunday March 25

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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