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April 2 2018 to April 8 2018

Monday April 2

Of Beasts and Bunnies

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The Blue Moon may be waning, but its effects are still as noticeable as a chocolate egg-laying bunny. And today the focal point of the T-Square it formed reasserts its influence. Mars and Saturn converge in Capricorn for the first time since 1990, though we needn't fear this caged animal of a conjunction. Yes, it is wild and strong but it simply needs a firm hand on the leash. We can't allow our passions to get the better of us... but they can be what drive and sustain us now.

Tuesday April 3

A Fulfilling Life

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Hi Oscar,
My Sun is in Libra and my Moon is in the opposite sign of Aries. I've read negative things about this. Can people like me ever get peace? Are there any benefits to these characteristics? Robert

Dear Robert
Being born under a Full Moon, regardless of sign, can mean that you're an idealist, particularly in relationships. That means some people fail to live up to your standards. But not all. As long as you remember to listen to your head, as well as your heart, you can lead a wonderfully successful and fulfilling life.

Wednesday April 4

Pamper Time

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Venus entered one of her celestial homes at the weekend. Over the next three weeks her celestial influence will be stronger, and the way she works will feel more natural. A Taurean Venus reaffirms the delight to be found in the senses. Food and physicality both become more pleasurable, while music and art seem somewhat sweeter. We may also start to value our material circumstances more highly. So, while we don't want to become decadent divas or privileged prima donnas, if ever there was a good time to pamper ourselves, it's now!

Thursday April 5

Hard Times

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Mercury yesterday perfected the angle it has been forming with Mars. Today it repeats the trick with a Saturn still coloured from its conjunction with the red planet. But following a Full Moon, and with the coming link of Venus to Saturn, though this requires us to be hard-headed, we cannot afford to be hard-hearted. And with Mercury retrograde, we should endeavour not to be hard of hearing either. We can define and pursue what we think we want now. But we must listen to what our heart needs too.

Friday April 6

Heart Protector

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Earlier this week I suggested that, with Venus in Taurus, we could spoil ourselves a little. But this weekend Venus makes a strong connection with Saturn, the celestial minister in charge of imposing austerity upon the populace. Some argue that austerity is necessary to ensure long-term prosperity. But even if that's true, we don't have to like it! Fortunately Venus and Saturn's link is both harmonious and supportive. Any pruning will indeed encourage future growth. And what's most important to your heart is ring-fenced.

Saturday April 7

Your Week Ahead

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A Grand Trine is the equivalent of the power tool in your shed. You may not always need to use it, but when the job calls for it, you're ready to take it on. A Minor Grand Trine is more like a Swiss Army knife. It's not best suited for major repair works, but it's more easily available in a pinch. This week Venus and Mars form a Minor Grand Trine with Neptune while Pluto forms relationships with the Sun and Jupiter. Whatever needs transforming, the right tool is available.

Sunday April 8

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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