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April 9 2018 to April 15 2018

Monday April 9

Safety First

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Saturn is often seen as the great teacher of the cosmos. It brings necessary discipline, care and prudence into our lives. Discretion really can be the better part of valour. It's always, for example, worth checking the brake pads before hurtling off in a new direction at breakneck speeds. The weekend's harmonious Venus-Saturn link reminded us of the value of life's seatbelts. As we start to feel the immense power of the approaching Minor Grand Trine there's value in being prepared for the powerful, new energy.

Tuesday April 10

Strength and Transformation

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Traditionally, astrologers are pictured staring into crystal balls or casting incantations. These days, though, you're more likely to find me with my eyes fixed on a laptop screen, muttering under my breath about wifi! But in my mind's eye the process involves a spherical object. But, rather than being clear as crystal, it's often more like the 1950's fortune-telling Magic 8-Ball toy! The words it reveals today are strength and transformation. With the Sun-Pluto link tomorrow, there's power at our disposal.

Wednesday April 11

Passion and Pleasure

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The Sun's dynamic link with intense, mysterious Pluto isn't the only influence jostling for attention today. Venus also links with Mars to form a 'Minor Grand Trine' that's focused on Neptune. This exciting mixture combines passion and pleasure in an imaginative package. It's a powerful tool to have in our locker, and not one that we should hold back from using. It suggests that, no matter what challenges emerge under Pluto's influence, our hearts have the strength to prevail, assimilate and grow stronger.

Thursday April 12

Rise above the Fray

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This weekend, Jupiter makes the second of the three alignments with Pluto that lie at the heart of the cosmic influences of 2018. In January, we talked about transformation and that, despite the headlines giving us reasons to worry, change was necessary and for the good. As the planets begin to realign, some of those concerns will resurface. But as Mercury simultaneously turns direct, a way to deal with challenges will become clear. Thanks to the Minor Grand Trine, we'll find the strength to rise above the fray.

Friday April 13

Fortune Favours the Brave

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Yesterday we talked about how the transformation we're currently undertaking is positive and regenerative. But I doubt that anyone with triskaidekaphobia will heed that message. Those people who suffer from a fear of the number 13 will point out that today is Friday the thirteenth and thus believed by some people to be unlucky. But there's nothing ghoulish about our astrology now. With Mercury turning direct, as Jupiter and Pluto align, it suggests that, this weekend, fortune favours brave and adventurous hearts.

Saturday April 14

Your Week Ahead

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With Mercury direct, Uranus making a conjunction with the New Moon and the Sun slipping into Taurus, we're being encouraged to put our best foot forwards this week. The continued support of the minor grand trine between Mars, Neptune and Venus provides the energy required to run a strong race as the route ahead unfolds. There's no guarantee that events will be straightforward. Saturn and Pluto's retrogradations will put pay to that notion. But whatever this adventure's emotional challenges might be, we can find the stamina and the motivation to rise to the occasion.

Sunday April 15

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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