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April 23 2018 to April 29 2018

Monday April 23

Vegetarian Generation

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I'm the fourth generation of my family to be vegetarian. But although I've never eaten meat, I've nothing against those who do. It has been easy for me because I've never had to give anything up! It's much harder to deny yourself something you love than to stay away from something you've never tried. When Venus leaves her own sign tomorrow, rather than depriving us of material pleasures, it will open our minds to different but equally enjoyable possibilities.

Tuesday April 24

All You Can Eat

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As energetic Mars and encouraging Jupiter form a supportive alliance today, expect passions to be heightened and stress levels to be up. Mars can bring tension as well as desire, so Jupiter's tendency to exaggerate could be like an all-you-can-eat buffet sign to Homer Simpson! But there's no need for any damaging or dysfunctional behaviour. Mercury's alignment with Saturn tomorrow suggests that, with discipline and determination, this could be an opportunity to turn a quick win into a long-term gain.

Wednesday April 25

All Rise

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Hi Oscar,
I'm confused about the meaning of the Ascendant/Rising sign. In June, the Sun rises in Gemini, yet people still seem to have different rising signs. How can that be? Yours Joe

Hi Joe, The Ascendant/Rising sign are different names for the same thing. It signifies where the Eastern horizon points to when you're born. A child born at 11pm tonight in London has the Sun in Taurus. But the Eastern horizon faces Sagittarius at that time of night, making Sagittarius their Rising sign. Oscar

Thursday April 26

Hold On Tight

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The biennial Mars/Pluto conjunction is always a significant moment. But today its effect is increased by the influence of the Moon, which forms a perfect angle as they converge, creating a brief yet brilliant Minor Grand Trine with Jupiter. This celestial boon talks of greatly enhanced power. It's as if our engines are being boosted with exciting and dynamic energy. As long as we stay in control this can take us, in unexpected ways, further towards our goals. Hold on tight!

Friday April 27

Easy Tiger

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Yesterday we talked about the need to keep control of the energy brought by the Mars-Pluto conjunction if we want to benefit from the immense shift in power it brings. This weekend's benevolent link between the Sun and Saturn will help us to do that. It brings the determination to keep wheels on the track so we can avoid spinning off on a sharp corner. So, give yourself room to manoeuvre and the authority to make decisions on the fly. You can tame the tiger in your tank and still win the race!

Saturday April 28

Your May Monthly Forecast

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Under the cover of May's New Moon, stormy, revolutionary Uranus will move from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus for the first since 1935. Upon arrival it links with Mars, newly in Aquarius, forming a 'minor T-Square' that focuses on dreamy Neptune. While that doesn't necessarily presuppose a rude awakening, it makes a bolt from the blue highly likely. This looks likely to be one of 2018's key astrological challenges. The fusion of Mercury's involvement will inspire the vision to drive forward with positive progress.

Sunday April 29

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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