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April 30 2018 to May 6 2018

Monday April 30

Full Moon

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Tonight's Scorpio Full Moon is aligned harmoniously with Saturn. With Jupiter, the philosophical professor, also in Scorpio, it balances well with the presence of Saturn, the great teacher. Although Saturn strictly enforces the rules, it's Jupiter whose wisdom and morality shape the law. Since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October 2017, there has been a focus on justice involving the politics of sexuality and hidden taboos. As this Full Moon shines, we will start to see the benefit of the lessons we've learned.

Tuesday May 1

The Sign of Gemini

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Hi Oscar,
I'm a quintuple Gemini, with the Sun, Moon, Rising sign, Mercury and Venus all in Gemini! What does it mean? Lora

Hi Lora, This manifests in one of two ways - you're either very Gemini, or very UN-Gemini! Sometimes having several planets in one sign or element inspires a 'cosmic rebellion' that focuses energy on the areas that need attention. But, since every one of us is much more than a carbon copy of a Sun sign, I encourage everyone, quintuple Gemini or not, to develop all the potential the cosmos has given them. Oscar

Wednesday May 2

Chiron and Co

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Over the June Solstice, the Astrological Association will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee by visiting Stonehenge ahead of its 50th annual conference. For anyone interested in astrology, this is an opportunity to learn more about specialised aspects of its practice. As a Sun sign astrologer, I sometimes have to focus on the biggest issues. I didn't, for example, tell you about last month's movement of Chiron, the teacher and healer, into Aries. There's always more to discover... and a reinvigorated Chiron can help.

Thursday May 3

All Shook Up

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Hi Oscar,
As always, you know me better than I know myself! Although I'm a healthy and active 90-year-old, I always seem to be unlucky in my search for a loving man friend. What's the secret - or is it too late?! LOL! Audrey

Hi Audrey, I certainly don't think it's too late! But I don't believe there's a secret either. Yet as we look ahead to Uranus' change of signs, it might be worth shaking things up. No matter how 'experienced' you are, there's always something new to try. Oscar

Friday May 4

The Big Easy

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This weekend, as the Sun and Neptune form an encouraging relationship, life will take on an extra shimmer. With Neptune's strong affect on our imagination, and the Sun being such a bold, creative influence, it's a great time to enjoy some painting or poetry, dance or drama. But as I'm currently visiting with friends in New Orleans, I'm particularly looking forward to some inspired playing as I enjoy the music of 'The Big Easy'! This weekend, wherever you are, allow your artistic side to flourish.

Saturday May 5

Your Week Ahead

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We're building up towards the historic moment when Uranus, the innovative change-maker moves signs. But if that's the headliner, there are some good quality support acts to keep us entertained. The Sun's opposition with Jupiter and its harmonious link to Pluto should warm up the crowd, while the alignment Venus makes with Neptune, and Mercury and Pluto's square off will add some drama. So, though the week promises artistic performances and adventurous creativity, this celestial festival is only just getting started!

Sunday May 6

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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