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May 7 2018 to May 13 2018

Monday May 7

Seeking Peace

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As we begin the week, the cosmic alignments remind us that meaningful conversations are the gateway to love and compassion. This is a welcome addition to the astrological climate since we're about to experience Uranus moving into Taurus for the first time since 1935. Although exciting, taking place under the cover of a Taurean New Moon, this will shake things up in more ways than one! So, with Venus and Neptune influencing us so powerfully at the moment, we should get some peace while we can!

Tuesday May 8

Unfinished Business

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Hi Oscar,
I'm a very orderly Sagittarian but since Christmas I've felt disorganised, unfocused and messy. At work I'm on top of everything, but at home there are unfinished 'to do' piles everywhere. Will this change? Maxine

Hi Maxine, At the December Solstice, Saturn, representing order, effort and efficiency, left Sagittarius and returned home to Capricorn. Its new setting is beneficial for those working hard on their careers. Although some Sagittarians may miss the natural discipline, it's time to restructure what you have, not who you are. Oscar

Wednesday May 9

See Saw

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With the Sun opposing Jupiter, let's look at the way planets in opposition retain their individuality whilst working coherently together. Sometimes it helps to picture opposing planets like a seesaw, with first one taking the lead, then the other. With Pluto influencing the current situation, we may go down deep before being uplifted. But no matter who appears to be in control, the optimism of this Sun-Jupiter alignment indicates that we can have fun in the celestial equivalent of an adventure playground.

Thursday May 10

Carry on Camping

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I'm in the wilderness of Northern Ontario, visiting old friends, breathing the smell of campfires and viewing unspoilt, starlit skies. It's easy to feel inspired in such an environment. But even here, where we're not quite 'off the grid', but certainly close to it, Stephen Hawking's theories about the universe have filtered through. Is 3D reality an illusion? Do we exist within a hologram? As Uranus prepares to enter Taurus, and challenge our sense of what is solid and stable, it seems like an appropriate idea!

Friday May 11

Pie Chart

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This weekend, skilful, dexterous Mercury connects with the passion of Mars, then converges with revolutionary Uranus, before slipping into sensorial Taurus. All the signs point to a rollercoaster! It's time to try new things - or at least think about doing something different. Although disappearing into an escapist fantasy isn't quite on the cards, over the coming days, pie in the sky could find its way on to the most traditional menu. There's a cosmic smorgasbord of different tastes to try.

Saturday May 12

Your Week Ahead

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This week brings the much-heralded move of Uranus, as it changes signs for the first time in seven years. But you have to go back as far as 1935 to see the last time the planet of unexpected change and disruption entered Taurus. Of course the doom-mongers are quick to draw parallels between turbulent times in our history but, although there are many matters about to be shaken up, (especially with the New Moon and Mars involved), this looks much more like being an exciting new beginning!

Sunday May 13

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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