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May 14 2018 to May 20 2018

Monday May 14

Wakey Wakey

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We're in the Dark of the Moon, a time when we become extra receptive to our hidden powers. With Uranus, the planet of awakenings, about to move into Taurus for the first time in 83 years, make no mistake, while our silvery companion is absent from the sky, there'll be shenanigans afoot which will stir even the heaviest sleeper. But, rather than disturbing dreams, the supportive, harmonious trine from the New Moon to Pluto suggests that this transformation will be most welcome.

Tuesday May 15

A New Beginning

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Here it is! The moment we've been alluding to since the start of the year. Uranus, the great change-maker and revolutionary is changing signs. It's taking its ability to inspire and innovate out of the burning fires of Aries into the stable earth of Taurus. Although that means that some of the things we rely on must change, it promises progress in areas where plans have been stuck. With Mars asserting its influence too, it seems we'll feel passionately about the breakthroughs that unfold in this new astrological era.

Wednesday May 16

Flipping Head!

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Mars moves into Aquarius today. The dynamic 'square' aspect it has been teasingly close to, finally becomes exact. This brings a planetary switch: for seven years Mars has ruled the sign that was home to Uranus. Now Uranus, the change maker, is the ruler of Mars' new home. With the red planet due to turn retrograde next month, this pattern will continue for a while. And just as the tables have turned in this planetary relationship, so we can also expect several situations to be surprisingly flipped on their heads.

Thursday May 17

You Should Be Dancing!

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It might have been music to your ears when we talked about turning tables yesterday. You're ready for a change of style and pace. Just don't expect the DJ to be the lifesaver! A situation that appeared to be moving at a comfortable pace may suddenly need your energy too. You might have been happily in the groove, only to be caught out by an unfamiliar rhythm. But even if you're not sure how to dance to this new tempo, you'll get up to speed. This isn't a breakdown - it's a breakthrough. Face the music and dance!

Friday May 18

Awareness, Intuition and Understanding

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Heading into the weekend there's some stability on the horizon to add to the cocktail of disruption and progress heralded by Uranus moving signs. As Mercury makes a harmonious link with Saturn it brings a chance to take stock and consider options. With Venus moving into Cancer and linking encouragingly with Uranus, one of those alternatives will begin to look increasingly attractive. It's never wise to be seduced by appearances. But Venus in her new home increases awareness of vitally intuitive understanding.

Saturday May 19

Royal Wedding

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With Uranus creating upheaval in the skies, it's no wonder that the run up to Harry and Meghan's wedding was a rollercoaster of unexpected events. It was written across the heavens from the moment they announced their engagement. Now that the day of the wedding is here, let's hope that the Taurean Sun shines on them, as we wish them a glorious day. With the benefit of a Grand Trine to add sparkle to the proceedings, there's a chance that the couple will glow so brightly we'll all taste a drop of their happiness.

Listen to a jolly song about the Royal Wedding by Daniel Cainer (as just broadcast on UK Talk Radio) here.

Your Week ahead

The aftershocks of the arrival of Uranus in Taurus will be reverberating for a while: there's an almost palpable 'frisson' in the air. As Venus moves into Cancer, the cosmos will help us to look after one another during these intense times. As the Sun returns to Gemini while Mercury forms a Mystic Rectangle with the Moon opposite Neptune, it seems that everyone will have something to talk about. With expansive Jupiter linking to dreamy Neptune this week, just watch out for embellishments to the stories.

Sunday May 20

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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