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June 4 2018 to June 10 2018

Monday June 4


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Following the weekend's Grand Trine, Venus moves to make a midweek opposition with Pluto. If you can imagine a heart, wearing a cape and underwear over the top of its clothes, you have the perfect picture! This is a super-hero, inner power struggle. Comic books tell coming-of-age stories that lead to transformation. The timid hero discovers their strength by confronting a villainous threat. Luckily, back in reality, things are rarely so extreme. With a clear head, the forces of good will have the upper hand.

Tuesday June 5

Laws of Attraction

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Dear Oscar,
I've been dating a Virgo for three years but whenever I try to get closer to him, he pushes me away. Then he tries to get my attention all over again. What can I do? Monica, Pisces

Hi Monica, They say that opposites attract, but people aren't magnets! Just because your Suns are in opposite signs doesn't mean that your hearts have to be. By making your intentions really clear, you can transform the power-dynamic. As Venus opposes Pluto tomorrow, now is a good time to do so. Best, Oscar

Wednesday June 6

Away With the Fairies

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On Monday we talked about the importance of keeping a clear head. Today, as Mercury and the Sun converge, that should indeed prove easier. But as these planets also form a tense alignment with Neptune, we'll need to concentrate in order to keep focused. There'll be a temptation to float away, in our imagination at least, with the fairies. But that doesn't mean we need become lost in our dreams. Uranus' influence suggests that, if we're sensitive enough to ask, those fairies might just lead us to a magical breakthrough.

Thursday June 7

Star Wars

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Hi Oscar,
Did you know that George Lucas reputedly consulted an astrologer to find the best date to release Star Wars? John

Hi John, Although I suspect that Lucas' talent would have shone through regardless, it's usually wise to check our intentions aren't 'at war' with the stars! After all, J.P. Morgan's well-documented interest in astrology is probably why the quote 'Millionaires don't use astrology, Billionaires do' is attributed to him. Perhaps the advice George received helped his own star to burn just a little more brightly. Oscar

Friday June 8

Re-pop the Question

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I've talked this week about the need to see things clearly. But looking ahead at Mercury's activity and its move into Cancer next week, it's just as important to be sensitive in the way that we communicate our ideas. Despite frustrations that may crop up, the answers we need aren't as far away as they appear. Sometimes what appears to be wilful obstinacy is simply a failure to understand. It might be time to rephrase an emotive question.

Saturday June 9

Your Week Ahead

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No sooner has Mercury entered sensitive Cancer, than Venus makes her excuses and moves out into a new celestial residence. I can almost hear the planet of communication wondering if it was something he said! But with the New Moon arriving shortly before Venus aligns with innovative Uranus, the planet of love simply fancies a change of style. In her new home of Leo, she'll bring a playful and generous mood that will prevail, even when inevitable challenges arise. Expect an overall mood of warmhearted, energising surprises.

Sunday June 10

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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