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June 11 2018 to June 17 2018

Monday June 11

Mum's the Word

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As Mercury moves into Cancer tomorrow, it's a prompt for me to call my mum. She's a Cancerian. I'll also get round to emailing another Cancerian, my friend James, who's a brilliant musician. Cancerians are known for their caring, emotional natures - and it's this heightened sensitivity that makes many of them great artists, who reflect the heart of what it is to love, live and learn. With Mercury, the messenger of the gods, about to make its home here for a while, we can all expect to wake up to what really matters.

Tuesday June 12

A Whole New World?

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Mercury's new home might not be enough of a shift in mood to completely satisfy its lust for change. The first order of business for the planet of commerce and trade will be to engage with revolutionary Uranus who, as usual, is busily extolling the virtues of a new world perspective. Studying, reading and working hard to reach decisions isn't going to be the best way to make progress either. With the New Moon in Gemini arriving tomorrow, our hearts need to be as ready for new horizons as our heads.

Wednesday June 13

Bold and Brave

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Under the Gemini New Moon, Venus moving into Leo is yet further evidence of the shift in mood taking place in the skies. In Leo, Venus becomes more playful and creative, making us more receptive to new ideas and more willing to trust our hearts if we are brave enough to follow them. With the planet of love about to square off with Uranus, the experimental mad scientist, we might well need to be brave! But I strongly suspect that bold innovation will be well rewarded.

Thursday June 14

Schism Vision

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This weekend, Uranus and Neptune will make the third in a series of five aspects that began last summer, finish in May next year, and will not be repeated for 124 years. Although the link between them is relatively minor, given how rare this connection is, we'll feel its effects. It speaks of a schism in our visions for the future - a moment when we're able to see through the illusions we've been labouring under. It also makes for some uncomfortable moments. But what's being revealed is the path toward genuine progress.

Friday June 15

Stormy Weather

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I talked yesterday about the impending Uranus-Neptune connection. It was, though, never my intention to create any worry or negativity. I'm certainly not the sort of chap who gives creed to apocalyptic predictions. But I do recognise that the skies don't always promise an easy ride. And with Mercury moving opposite Saturn this weekend, there are moments when we may find ourselves coming back to earth with a bump. But there's no crash landing. It's simply a chance to rest, refuel and ride out the stormy weather.

Saturday June 16

Your Week Ahead

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The Solstice is a twice-yearly event in the astrological calendar that marks the Sun's turning point in the sky. It has been a cause for celebration for thousands of years. From pyramids in South America to Stonehenge in the UK, our ancestors celebrated the magical moment when the Sun appears to stand stationary in the sky, signifying the Earth's movement into a new season. Since it coincides with a Grand Trine this year, we can expect this to be an inspiring turning point; not just in the Sun's procession, but in our own lives.

Sunday June 17

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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