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June 25 2018 to July 1 2018

Monday June 25

Good Will

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Mars is hanging still in the sky. For a planet so primed for action and energy, it's a somewhat unnatural moment of stasis. Like a coiled spring, it will soon burst forth, so we need to be aware of the building tension. As Venus and Jupiter's alignment peaks today, it brings a chance to roam and find the room to manoeuvre as we shift through emotional gears. It's a time for generosity and demonstrative sharing. Any goodwill that's fostered now will be reliably supportive in the weeks to come.

Tuesday June 26

Get Back

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If I could get away with it, I wouldn't write anything to describe today's planetary shenanigans! Instead, I'd take a recording device, find a cul-de-sac and record the noise of cars reversing. That's the appropriate soundscape to symbolise Mars beginning its retrogradation today. Although it will retrace its steps until August, it doesn't mean that recent decisions have been wrong. Rather, it brings the chance to realign, so that we're in the right place to start pursuing our objectives on a rewarding journey.

Wednesday June 27

Right of Way

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If the skies could communicate using visible road signs, there'd be no need to refer to the Highway Code today. With Mars newly retrograde and the Sun opposite Saturn, there's no mistaking the signal to slow down and reassess the direction we're heading. The Full Moon tomorrow heralds a moment of realisation. It's a light guiding us away from spurious shortcuts and showing us the path we need to follow. Don't worry about dead ends or closed roads. The right way remains open.

Thursday June 28

Full Moon

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Hi Oscar,
I'm intrigued by retrograde planets: what happens if a planet is about to form an alignment but comes to a standstill before turning away? Does it bring a sense that what's been building remains incomplete? Or is there a frustrating feeling of last-minute ducking out? Thanks, Chris

Hi Chris, It depends on what else is happening in the sky. It sometimes manifests as an anti-climax. But today, for example, the Full Moon could help to push us over the finish-line regardless. Best, Oscar

Friday June 29

Trust the Truth

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Mercury changes signs today. Despite my talk this week of slowing down and taking stock, this brings a flash of inspiration and sparks progress. With Mercury in Leo, our thoughts become more influential, our solutions more creative and we can communicate in more inspiring ways. But as Mercury makes a challenging alignment with Uranus this weekend, it's important to improvise in the face of opposition, rather than grow impatient. It's a time to lead by example and trust that the truth will be heard.

Saturday June 30

Your July Monthly Forecast

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As July begins, although the World Cup is in full swing, my focus is drawn to teams of a different nature. Just days before it is partially eclipsed, the Sun is in Cancer, completing the final, in a series, of Water Grand Trines involving Jupiter (in watery Scorpio) and Neptune (also in a water sign, Pisces). Meanwhile, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are uniting in their own Grand Trine of Earth signs. But these formations aren't in competition. And towards the end of the month a total lunar eclipse, conjunct Mars, suggests we may have to change our perception of winning. There can be victory through harmony.

Sunday July 1

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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