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July 16 2018 to July 22 2018

Monday July 16

A New Story Begins

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A Solar Eclipse opposite Pluto? Old news, right? The Venus Grand Trine with Saturn and Uranus? Today's fish and chip paper, surely? Well not quite. There are some stories that rumble on and on. And while I don't expect these celestial events to dominate as much as Brexit-style news or headline-grabbing politicians, their benefits don't just disappear overnight. These auspicious events still radiate enough strength to make a real difference in all our lives. This story is only just beginning.

Tuesday July 17

Mum's the Word

More Sally Fisher Art here.

Dear Oscar,
Why don't you call? What did I do to deserve such an ungrateful son? Why can't you be more like your brother? He's such a good boy...

... Okay. This isn't really a letter from my mum, who's the artist behind the cartoons that illustrate my 'thoughts for the day' on this page. But, this being her birthday, I thought I'd give her a cheeky challenge! Plus, we may all need a sense of humour following Mercury, the planet of mischief's tricky minor aspects with serious Saturn and Pluto!

Wednesday July 18

Picture Perfect

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Dear Oscar,
It was my birthday recently - did its astrological picture really set the tone for the next twelve months? Should I be 'angst-ing' about the prevailing astrological climate because of its year-long ramifications, Christala
Before anyone asks, no - this isn't my mum in disguise! And though no one worries bigger or better than mums, I'll say the same to Christala as I would to anyone 'angst-ing'. Our Solar returns (birthdays) only sketch out how life may be. It's the brushstrokes we apply that create the full picture.

Thursday July 19

A Little Magic

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Tomorrow, serious, defined, pragmatic Saturn links to dreamy, boundaryless, sensitive Neptune. As an astrological pairing they're an odd-couple. It's hard to see them agreeing to anything, let alone working towards common goals. But the angle they form, a 'quintile', operates somewhere between a tense opposition and a harmonious trine. It suggests that we can imaginatively solve practical problems. As long as it's backed by genuine rationale, a little magic can go a long way today.

Friday July 20

What Really Matters

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This weekend, Venus and Jupiter egg each other on like naughty schoolchildren. There's mischief in the air, and fun to be had as the astrological climate encourages us to make new friends and try our luck climbing the equivalent of new playground apparatus. As the Sun returns home to Leo, it adds a golden glow to creative and courageous endeavours. In this environment it's easy to be swayed by charm and generosity. Luckily Saturn and Neptune will help define what really matters.

Saturday July 21

Your Week Ahead

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After a cosmic pause for breath, the coming week sees us diving into a wave of celestial activity. Neptune tempts Venus away from her alignment with Jupiter so that she moves to oppose the planet of dreamy sensitivity; and the Sun's return home to Leo is energised by stormy Uranus. With Mercury turning retrograde, just as the Lunar Eclipse converges with Mars, the waters this week are far from calm! But whether you use the backstroke or the front crawl, there's a way to swim, not sink.

Sunday July 22

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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