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July 23 2018 to July 29 2018

Monday July 23

Lion Tamer

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The Sun's return to Leo over the weekend brings creativity, courage and charisma. It also shines a light on purpose and pride in who we are, what we stand for and what we strive to achieve. We just have to be careful, following Venus' link with Jupiter, that we don't get too carried away. There's a position to be found that rests between being confident and adventurous, yet avoids being self-centred. As Venus moves opposite Neptune tomorrow, we should be able to strike a sensitive balance.

Tuesday July 24

Hamburger Heaven

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As a vegetarian who doesn't often frequent hamburger chains, I'm still bemused by the difference between the pictures in the window and the food that the customer ends up eating. The soggy bun and drooping lettuce often served, bear little resemblance to the photo in the advert. As Venus moves opposite Neptune today, it's important not to allow ourselves to hope for something that can't be delivered. Yet, if we look beyond the menu, with an open and imaginative heart, we may be delighted.

Wednesday July 25

Creative Solutions

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Today, as the Sun makes a tense alignment with Uranus it brings a reminder that something needs to change, and the realisation that the change is not simple to execute. It requires the creative use of our resources. Whenever we try to do something different, or attempt to make a breakthrough in an area that has shown promise but hasn't yielded results, we need courage to have another go. As Mercury prepares to turn retrograde tomorrow, looking again at what hasn't worked, could yet illuminate what will.

Thursday July 26

Reviewing the Situation

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Mercury is slowing to a halt and then turning backwards in the sky. If you're a regular follower of astrological events, you know the deal. So you won't be surprised when you discover you accidentally texted your boss when you meant to text your partner; or you spend a few hours in a mad search for your keys. But with a Lunar Eclipse taking place tomorrow, empowered by Mars, there's one aspect to this retrogradation that's unusual. If we return to an arrangement that has long needed a review we could be surprised by what can be achieved.

Friday July 27

Eclipse Ahoy!

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Today's lunar eclipse converges with retrograde Mars in Aquarius. A Full Moon typically brings a realisation to illuminate a tense situation. Combined with an eclipse, that illumination turns from a hand-held torch to a military grade searchlight! But even then, if you're expecting an easy breakthrough you may be frustrated. With Mercury and Mars both retrograde, appearing to be retracing their steps, nothing will be obvious or instant. But Venus, this weekend, promises that if we listen to our hearts, there's valuable insight to be gained.

Saturday July 28

Your August Monthly Forecast

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How does the Man in the Moon cut his hair? Eclipse it! I'm starting with such a terrible joke because I'm looking forward to my trip to see comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and the forthcoming partial Solar Eclipse in Leo. But those aren't the only highlights on August's impressive programme. Mars and Mercury turn direct, Jupiter creates its final trine with Neptune, and the Pisces Full Moon completes an Astrological 'kite' formation. I can't promise life will be a laugh a minute. But there'll be plenty worth smiling about!

Sunday July 29

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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