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July 30 2018 to August 5 2018

Monday July 30

Ring Cycle

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Two weeks ago we talked about how the story of the Solar Eclipse of Friday 13th was just the beginning of a dramatic celestial saga. Although it may be rumbling on for longer than an adaptation of Lord Of The Rings, we're yet to witness the final act. The last in this rare trilogy of eclipses arrives around two weeks from now. The transformation we're witnessing may be slow, but the recent links of Venus with Pluto indicate that it won't be a painful or traumatic battle and that the final show-stopper will be followed by a satisfying end.

Tuesday July 31

Happy Accidents

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The Sun makes a tricky link with Venus today, in an alignment that signals accidents and surprises. But there's no reason to suggest that these won't be 'happy accidents' or 'pleasant surprises'! Around a week from now, Jupiter's involvement turns today's aspect into a 'Minor-T Square'. Then, we'll have to be careful not to let our egos grow too big, nor be too consumed by the pursuit of our goals. But for today, as long as we can improvise, there's plenty of opportunity to be found in unforeseen developments.

Wednesday August 1

Be Brave!

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Mars is at its closest to Earth for 15 years. That's the planet in our skies that radiates energy and action only a galactic stone's throw away. Not that I'm suggesting anyone throw stones! Mars' retrograde motion has a tendency to remind us of what our houses are made of. But, as the red planet prepares to make the second of its three disruptive squares with Uranus this year, there's something of David and Goliath afoot. We cannot afford to be foolish, but we also need to be brave.

Thursday August 2


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The word 'haggard' comes from the ancient sport of hawking. A 'haggard hawk' describes a bird that was born out of captivity; with an unruly and feral disposition. Like a haggard hawk, there's something wild, unpredictable and unnerving about Mars as it continues to move backwards and links with disruptive Uranus loosely aligned with elusive Neptune today. Watch out for the need to revisit any hurriedly made changes of plan. Though they don't need to be completely tamed, they do need to be watched - like a hawk!

Friday August 3

Communication Problems

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Today, I'm using a letter from a reader, Barbara, to help me answer a question from another reader, Peter. With an eye on Uranus' turning backwards next week, Peter wrote:
Hi Oscar, There will be six planets retrograde in August. What should we expect? Peter
Barbara wrote:
Dear Oscar, I know communication can be more difficult when Mercury is retrograde but it does seem as if there's more confusion than usual! Yours, Barbara.
Fortunately, with the Sun's move into Virgo in August, which occurs in between Mercury and Mars turning direct, natural order will soon be resumed!

Saturday August 4

Your Week Ahead

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My name may not be Sting, but I've certainly waxed lyrical this year about Uranus' change of signs. When a planet this exciting and unpredictable walks in the Taurean 'fields of gold', that's one message in a bottle that needs to be communicated! Just because it's beginning a retrograde movement, which will eventually take it back into Aries, doesn't mean that any important advances will be brought to a halt. Actually, this is a crucial opportunity to feel some Uranus magic, and fine-tune those all-important changes.

Sunday August 5

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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