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August 6 2018 to August 12 2018

Monday August 6

Extra Value

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Welcome to a busy week of celestial activity. Kicking it off, we have a 'Minor T-Square' between the brave Sun, wise Jupiter and caring Venus... a tense alignment between the two largest characters in our Solar system which is expressed through the planet of love which is midway between them. This dynamic has been building since the end of July and it peaks today, just seconds before Venus returns home to Libra. It suggests that our senses of value, both material and spiritual are of increasing importance now.

Tuesday August 7

Unfamiliar Territory

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Uranus is the great disrupter, the revolutionary, and technological whizz-kid. This planet of freedom and upheaval usually wants us to move forwards at any cost, and break through, even when progress has ground to a halt. So when it stands still in the sky, before turning back on itself (which it does today) we're in unfamiliar territory. Rather than being the harbinger of a return to a darker age, though, it heralds an opportunity to reawaken the purpose of recent change, and the chance to make it work more effectively.

Wednesday August 8

Steel Velvet

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Newly ensconced in her own sign of Libra, Venus is a strong presence in the sky now. She's better able to deliver charm, encourage harmony and help us to see the value in creative and attractive endeavours. Today, she forms a harmonious relationship with passionate Mars and prepares to entertain a tense link with stoical Saturn. This is the astrological equivalent of an iron fist in a velvet glove. It gives us the steely determination, energy and spirit to act with confidence and conviction in even the most delicate of situations.

Thursday August 9

Within You and Without You

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Mercury continues its retrograde journey across the heavens. In fact, most of the planets that can move backwards are doing just that. But despite all that we may be returning to and re-evaluating, the Sun continues rising each morning, moving us forward with each break of dawn. Today, Mercury and the Sun converge, making us question why we do the things we do, say the things we say, think the things we think. There's nothing wrong with seeking answers from within, as long as it leads to positive steps out in the world.

Friday August 10

Third Eclipse

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The final edition in a rare trilogy of eclipses takes place this weekend. As it arrives, Mercury links with wise Jupiter, and the change-maker, Uranus, has just changed direction. It's a celestial signal that it's time for a radical re-think of our priorities. Here comes the chance to question received wisdom and find ways to create meaning. The plans that emerge will be the start of a new journey. Any seeds sown this weekend will exhibit strong emotional growth. So before choosing what to plant, it's worth considering the wider picture.

Saturday August 11

Your Week Ahead

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In my family we never feel comfortable dissecting a movie we have just seen until we're in the car, or clear of the cinema. I'm not sure why we wait. Perhaps it's a mark of respect for the work, or maybe it simply allows emotions to settle and thoughts to form. This weekend, we will all witness the final instalment in a rare trilogy of eclipses playing out across the heavens. Soon afterwards, Mars reverses into Capricorn and Mercury slows. We can afford to let the dust settle before rushing to make any judgments this week.

Sunday August 12

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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