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August 13 2018 to August 19 2018

Monday August 13

A Great New Adventure

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Last weekend saw the final Eclipse in a rare trilogy. Although it wasn't a Total Solar Eclipse, it has had a significant impact. Those in the most northern reaches of the globe will have witnessed quite a show. But even though it arrived high above the equator, the hopes it inspires will rise high enough for all of us to feel the benefits. We don't need to witness a celestial display in order to be affected by its power. This is the beginning of a cycle, the emergence of a new path and the start of a great adventure.

Tuesday August 14

Mars and Capricorn

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Mars is still very close to Earth. So, even though it remains stuck in reverse gear, its call for energy and action can be heard loud and clear. Yesterday, it returned to Capricorn where, in a couple of weeks, it will appear to stand still before beginning to move forward once again. In the meantime, it's important to avoid any tempting quick fixes or seductive short-cuts. We have every right to be ambitious in the current astrological climate. But true success requires patience and pragmatism too!

Wednesday August 15

Clunk Click, Enjoy the Trip!

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Dear Oscar,
As a Taurean, I've been waiting in vain for Uranus to turn my world upside down. I have Taurean friends who've done all sorts of surprising things. Have I missed my cue? Jane

Dear Jane, Given that you're expecting disruption, perhaps the most surprising thing Uranus can be is... unsurprising! Yet if this is a planetary double-bluff, it won't last for long. Its journey through Taurus has barely begun - there'll be twists aplenty over the next seven years. Buckle up and enjoy the ride! Oscar

Thursday August 16


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Management types talk of 'blue-sky thinking'. Spiritualists refer to 'higher astral planes'. Even hardened sceptics acknowledge the psychological benefits of meditation. As Jupiter moves towards a harmonious link with Neptune, it provides a chance to see how beautiful the bigger picture can be. That doesn't mean that it's going to be perfect... perfectionism can be clinical. But, we need to have a vision of something to aim for which includes a way of being together that offers inspiration and hope. The journey is becoming a little easier.

Friday August 17

Faith, Hope and Clarity

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We don't just have the final clinch of Jupiter and Neptune's dance this weekend. Although this is the crescendo of a waltz that began last December, it may not be the scene-stealer that gets everyone talking. The celestial party also sees Mercury change direction, which heralds a turning point. We currently have six planets travelling backwards across the heavens. Mercury's about-turn signals the beginning of the end of this retrospective period. Prepare for clarity, hope and a brighter vision for the future.

Saturday August 18

Your Week Ahead

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When it comes to computer problems, switching a device off and on again is the first action we're recommended to take. It's good advice to follow because rebooting the power takes care of most issues. Sadly, real life isn't so easy to fix... the main switch isn't so obvious! Yet, as Mercury starts to move forward, it creates the astrological equivalent of a system reboot. Though the process won't be as straightforward as we'd like, there'll be fewer gremlins to deal with and, as the Sun enters Virgo, a welcome return to working order.

Sunday August 19

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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