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September 3 2018 to September 9 2018

Monday September 3

Cat Nap

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When Mercury left the shadow last weekend it surfaced like a wildcat cub, emerging from its den, keen to investigate fresh territory. Today, Jupiter and Saturn make the third and final 'semi-square' in a relationship that began last December. With Jupiter keen to explore, and Saturn determined to restrict, they bring an aura of tension to the mix. But, like any great partnership, their respective inclinations keep each other from being extreme. So, although curiosity will be piqued today, we won't go the same way as the cat!

Tuesday September 4

A Shift in Momentum

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Although Jupiter and Saturn might seem unlikely bedfellows, they combine quite naturally. Jupiter is the intrepid explorer and the optimistic gambler, while Saturn is the great teacher, who's determined to keep our feet on the ground. Thus, Saturn provides structure and discipline to Jupiter's enthusiastic chaos, while Jupiter brings inspiration and encouragement to Saturn's stoicism. This cosmic meeting is intensified by Saturn's slowdown, as it comes to the end of its retrogradation. Expect a wonderful shift in momentum!

Wednesday September 5

Inner Workings

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On Monday, Mercury made an encouraging link with Venus. Now, despite its tricky alignment with Mars, any frustrations won't last long, because the planet of communication enters Virgo tomorrow. When Mercury is at home, we find it easier to understand complicated matters and see through the inner workings on which essential processes rely. Come Friday, as it instigates one final Grand Trine with Uranus and newly direct Saturn, if we stick at it, a potential intellectual breakthrough lies within reach.

Thursday September 6

Leap Into the Unknown

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As Saturn finally turns direct today, it begins to form a Grand Trine with Mercury and Uranus. This will help us to think more clearly, plan a little more confidently and prepare for unexpected eventualities. That may sound counter-intuitive - how can we plan for what we can't foresee? But whilst Saturn's backwards route through the sky was far from easy, it has made us stronger and more capable. The necessary work to lay foundations for progress has been done. As the New Moon approaches, an exciting leap into the unknown awaits.

Friday September 7

Emotional Breakthrough

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It's not just a New Moon opposite Neptune that signals the beginning of an exciting journey. Venus, as she leaves her own sign and enters enigmatic Scorpio, links with passionate Mars to form an astrological T-Square with revolutionary Uranus. That signals a change of heart and the need to take action. Sometimes, things fall naturally into place. But when we need to ensure progress occurs, we must be willing to stand up and take action. This weekend is perfect for speaking out and moving forward. Expect an emotional breakthrough.

Saturday September 8

Your Week Ahead

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This week is filled with fascinating astrological shapes and patterns. Venus creates a right-angled triangle as she moves opposite Uranus while linked with Mars. And, as the red planet marches back into Aquarius, Venus enters Scorpio. Situations will be shaken, and passions will be deliciously stirred! Meanwhile Mercury, as it moves opposite sensitive Neptune, is highlighted in what astrologers call a Finger Of The World alignment, which indicates the arrival of breakthrough ideas. If we're imaginative enough to dream, we'll find the courage to run with our visions.

Sunday September 9

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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