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September 10 2018 to September 16 2018

Monday September 10

Dark of the Moon

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The Moon is dark in the sky, waiting to peek from behind its shadow. Meanwhile the Sun will soon form a Minor Grand Trine with Pluto and Jupiter. Since Pluto likes the dark (it symbolises all that is hidden, enigmatic, and secretive), the relationship between the planet of revelation and enthusiastic Jupiter suggests that we're being encouraged to explore and understand hidden agendas. As the young Moon grows in the sky, rather than fearing what we might find, we can be excited by what can be revealed.

Tuesday September 11

Following a Fantasy?

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Yesterday, Mars made the last of this year's series of sharp angles with Neptune. Thanks to the apparent backward movement of the planet of dreams through the sky, the tension between our imagination and the reality we're bound up by has been steadily increasing. Yes, it has been frustrating. But this experience brought an appreciation of the difference between a fantasy and following a viable course of action. As Mars re-enters Aquarius, we'll all get better at making that distinction.

Wednesday September 12

Emotional Progress

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Venus, newly in Scorpio, lines up opposite Uranus today, with Mars sitting midway between the two. A Venus-Uranus opposition usually signals changes of heart. But, with the nature of this relationship being expressed through the passion of the red planet, this moment won't pass unnoticed. There's a sense of growing tension that's waiting to be freed. Fortunately, Mercury's developing relationships suggest that, through sensitive communication, the right kind of emotional progress can take place.

Thursday September 13

Finger of the World

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Mercury and Neptune reveal very different sides of our natures. Mercury represents clarity, understanding and articulation, while Neptune is associated with ephemeral, impressionistic dream-like states. So, the energy they create in opposition could feel like trying to concentrate on reading when drifting into sleep. Yet, out of this twilight consciousness, inspiration can be born. As Mercury forms a Finger Of The World alignment, a breakthrough is closer than we think.

Friday September 14

New Directions

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What on earth is the Finger Of The World alignment I mentioned yesterday? With Mercury opposite Neptune, surely we've all had enough of confusing situations without an extra astrological explanation! But I'm not trying to obfuscate. It's just that this rare pattern, now formed by Mercury, Mars and Uranus is going to keep us on our toes... tantalisingly close to a moment of epiphany. As Mercury moves into a Minor Grand Trine this weekend, inspiring answers really can emerge pointing to new directions and hopes for all.

Saturday September 15

Your Week Ahead

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Mars and Uranus have had a strained relationship throughout 2018. This week, as their relationship reaches its final peak, the red planet will stir up so much passion that even the stoics among us will be challenged. Uranus creates a volcanic situation. Yet volcanoes don't just bring destruction. Saturn and Neptune make their last 'quintile' too, highlighting the potential for spectacular ideas to grow from the fertile soil that results from exceptional cosmic activity. This is a week filled with surprises, shocks and potential delight.

Sunday September 16

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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