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September 24 2018 to September 30 2018

Monday September 24

The Path to Success

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With the Equinox done and dusted we're steadily marching towards the next Solstice in December. Our journey starts promisingly, with the waxing Moon moving from Pisces into Aries. As it becomes full, slow, strict Saturn positions itself midway between the Sun and Moon, absorbing their powerful energy and controlling the pace at which we can utilise it. With the equivalent of a Sergeant Major marshaling the cosmic forces, rather than intoxicating us with free-flowing excitement, this signals a more sure-footed path to success.

Tuesday September 25

Juice in the Tank, Pedal to the Metal,

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Yesterday, we talked about progress being slow and steady under the watchful eye of Saturn. Tonight, although the Full Moon is still the most impressive light in the night sky its influence is also being affected by Mercury's harmonious relationship with Mars. This encourages us to work with the Full Moon energy and provides the balance, so that if we need to put pedal to metal, we've got plenty of juice in the tank. We can be passionate about ideas, without pushing beyond our limits.

Wednesday September 26

The Long Game

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There are several factors in the sky which want to push things further than they'd normally go. The Sun and Mercury are both moving in and out of strained relationships with Jupiter, the planet of growth and excess, whilst they also make harmonious links with energetic Mars. Just because we feel strong enough to take on a challenge doesn't always mean that it's the wisest course of action. There's a reason we've been talking about conserving energy. It's important to consider the long game now.

Thursday September 27

The Full Picture

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Hi Oscar,
I was born with the Sun and Venus in Leo and four planets in Virgo! Does this mean I'm more Virgo-like? Best, Lesley

Hi Lesley, The Sun represents our core, our will, our sense of identity and how we strive to be. But it's the combination with the other planets in our chart that paints an individual picture. Having so many planets in Virgo probably makes your playful Leo Sun's creativity more precise and helpful. Yours, Oscar

Friday September 28

The Power of Pluto

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Pluto, the planet of secrets, intense power, hidden control and precious insight is slowing to a stop. It's beginning a time of near motionlessness, as the backward movement it began in April finally draws to a close. A stationary planet is very influential. Just like a sleepwalker awakening, as Pluto 'comes round' there might be some difficult or strange sensations as it takes time to recognise its surroundings. But this brings a profound moment of realisation too. The regenerative effect it has on our world brings transformation.

Saturday September 29

Your October Monthly Forecast

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Venus turns retrograde in October and retraces the steps she's taken since early September. But that doesn't mean that we'll lose the valuable gains we've made. Matters of the heart are never easy to control - and this month brings an opportunity to realise how resilient we've become. Jupiter's final month in Scorpio calls for faith in emotional investments and encourages an adventurous attitude as opportunities surface. It's good news... both for people in established relationships, and for those who seek to find one.

Sunday September 30

Your Week Ahead - Love Focus

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Remember, your Love Forecast today does not just cover romance. A love forecast may also have something to say about your family life, your closest friendships and even some of your most important working relationships.

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